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Solid ground! Not for all of us...

Feeling better yesterday evening, Bernd convinced us that it would be best to sail very early for Cádiz – and Claudia and I should just try to sleep it through. It worked.

Cádiz awaits us. And the old town is really beautiful!

Beautiful old town Nice details on the facades The cathedral... ...inside Cool atriums

We spend some time looking for a nice little hotel for me and Claudia, and then we walk the city. Joel is a bit impatient, but we start eating more icecream and keep strolling through town. Bernd goes to write an email back to his wife and we walk around town some more.

After 17:00 all the Spaniards that had been hiding away appear all over sudden and while the town seemed dead and empty during siesta-time, the streets were crowded and lively towards evening.

In a café... ...eating pastry!

Later, when Joel and Bernd return to the ship, we walk through town some more, and when the sun sets, we're still there. At 23:00 people are still out on the streets, kids playing, families talking, the restaurants are full, the streets are alive.


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