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2006-06-19 Using only proprietary Apple software

I recently bought a Mac Mini (2006-06-15 My PC got fried) for Claudia. I remember how I quit using most of Apple’s software on my iBook. Apple Works sucked for the kind of stuff I write; Emacs is a better editor than Text Edit. I deleted the Microsoft Office trial software, and most importantly, Mail sucked and without Mail, the Addressbook was useless, too (2005-02-21 Software). I moved on to ThunderBird.

But this is a new version of OS X (Tiger instead of Panther), so I decided to let Claudia try non-free software again. If they were well-integrated, why not? I am already using iTunes (although I heard good things about Amarok) and iPhoto, and I have always felt frustrated with the Thunderbird Addressbook. So let Claudia try Apple’s Mail + Addressbook for a while. I’ll report back.

I also set up iChat for her so that she can chat with me when I’m at work and she’s at home (using an AIM handle).

We’ll get NeoOffice for the Intel Macs when it’s out, however. July 1st, 2006.

The machine name, by the way, is Pyrobombus [1]. The old SlackWare machine was called Confusibombus [2]. My iBook is called Alpinobombus [3].

Bumble bees rule!

Talk about hostnames: 2003-08-26, 2005-12-10, and Comments on 2005-12-10. ;)



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