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2007-03-08 Dungeon vs. Iraq

If you are a regular reader, you will have noted: No more Iraq ranting, no more USA bashing, no more looking at Iran’s fledgling democracy, no more accusing of Israel, no more support for Palestine. It’s over and out. Burnt out. I’m going down the drain like everybody else. A boorish ignoramus, cynical and bitter. It was no use. Think global and act local my ass. I’ve said it before, somewhere. Those who think local and act global have the power to bomb foreign nations they couldn’t even find on a map, and people who read the news are frustrated by the lack of any change. Anger alone will not change the world. But it hurts just the same. So I think I’ll think local and act local. There’s little use in reading the newspapers if all you can do is have it forced down your throat.

I guess I’m glad I don’t have any kids, or I’d feel compelled to fight for a better world for my kids. Since I have none, your kids can have it.

I think I’ve gone full circle: Learning to code, learning about FreeSoftware, engaging in the perpetual struggle for less Copyright and less Patents, for FreeCulture, eventually trying to change things in preparation for the WSIS, slowly realizing how futile it was, how I would have to dedicate a life to it, turning away from active Emacs development, being swamped with Spam, no longer reading the EmacsNewsgroups, no longer reading the EmacsMailingLists, working less on Oddmuse, no more excitement for SocialSoftware, reading more Books and finally starting to play roleplaying games (RPG) again. Back to homo ludens.

Goodbuy cruel world. I’m back to cultiver notre jardin (Candide).

My first issue of Dungeon magazine arrived today! :D


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Hmmm. Well.. What can I say. It is a depressing state of affairs.

NoufalIbrahim 2007-03-09 06:00 UTC

Totally. And there comes a time where even ranting on your blog is no longer good enough. :)

AlexSchroeder 2007-03-09 10:25 UTC

Oh I dunno. There’s always room for a good rant :)

I remember what a friend of mine said, a long time ago: “Emotions are tidal”.

It’s impossible to stay angry all the time, to be happy all the time, to care, all the time. We need to step back emotionally and rediscover the things that make us care, happy, angry or whatever. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, my friend.

Beside which, RPGs are good for the soul :) :) :)

GreyWulf 2007-03-09 10:34 UTC

Das klingt ja recht pessimistisch. Das geht sicher wieder vorrueber.

Am Nahen und Mittleren Osten habe ich schon lange das Interesse verloren. Die Fanatiker und Mitschreier dort befinden sich im europaeischen Vergleich in der Zeit des 30 jaehrigen Krieges, und da haben sie noch einen langen Weg zu gehen. Und fuer Argumente sind sie ja nicht zugaenglich, wenn sie die Religion ueber alles stellen.

Wie sieht es mit free software, copyright, Patente etc. aus? Da tritt auch ein groessere Pause ein??? Dann bleiben neben der Arbeit noch die Spiele und da hast du viel Freude, wie ich dem blog entnehme. Nur kann ich da nicht mithalten, weil mich das so gar nicht anspricht.

Wie waer’s mit einem Tapetenwechsel, einen Kurzbesuch in Brasilien? Eine westliche und doch eigene Kultur!!!

– Helmut Schroeder 2007-03-12 01:44 UTC

Don’t feel guilty or anything, this is not a wasted effort, you see, it ain’t a circle, it’s a spiral – you’re becoming better with each cycle.

TheSheep 2007-03-13 08:43 UTC

Agreed. It’s the Community:InvolvementCycle. :)

LionKimbro 2007-03-13 18:53 UTC

Good point. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone! :)

AlexSchroeder 2007-03-13 20:53 UTC

I was hoping April Fool’s had come early this year. :) See EmacsWiki:2005-04-01.

PS. The “Matching Pages” search works great. Self:action=index;near=1;match=2005-04-01

AaronHawley 2007-03-15 15:13 UTC

Scharfzüngige Liste von Gründen keine Zeitung zu lesen von SuShee.

AlexSchroeder 2007-03-17 11:07 UTC

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