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2013-12-17 Boxed Text

-C from Hack & Slash has a blog post on the definitive inadequacy of boxed text. I agree with the points made.

A few days ago I mentioned how I usually run one page dungeons. There is not enough PDF for these dungeons to have boxed text! I need my notes on my map.

About a month ago I mentioned Bryce's Adventure Design Contest (deadline is Dec 31, 2013!) and I think my To Rob A Witch submission illustrates how I like to do it, even if there is no map but a sort of loose flowchart.

To Rob a Witch by kensanata, on Flickr

Andreas Davour recently said that he’d like to run the Saturday Night Specials, all the time. I think my format does that. As I said in a comment on his blog post: “A flow chart that only mentions the interesting locations and the random encounters between them? It’s what I try to do theses days.”

And no boxed text. ;)

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