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I’m a developer during both night and day. My current pet projects are the wiki software Oddmuse and several wiki sites: Emacs Wiki, Campaign Wiki, Community Wiki, and this site.

I actually think that political issues are more important than writing software or talking about software. Generally speaking I think political issues involving human rights are the most important ones. I am also interested in politics elsewhere if chances are high that the developments will reach Switzerland sooner or later.

I’m most interested in software that has political effects. That’s why I’m interested in software with social components: Wikis, blogs, free software. This is where I was first confronted with copyright, patents, and trademarks. With more and more people starting to use the Internet as a medium for publishing, more and more people are affected by laws that were intended to only affect publishers and entrepreneurs. These are interesting times we live in.

If you need to contact me, see my Contact page.

A Word Of Warning

I’m not always responsible for the contents on this site. Other people can edit it. You can edit it. Anybody could claim to be me editing it. I might also be offline and unable to fix vandalism.

Exercise common sense when reading! :)


Please make sure you contribute only your own work, or work licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. See Info for text formatting rules. You can edit the comment page if you need to fix typos. You can subscribe to new comments by email without leaving a comment.

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