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  • 20:29 UTC (diff) Comments on Raspberry Pi als privater Email Server . . . . AlexSchroeder Beim Austauschen aller Schlüssel und dem Ändern aller Passwörter ist mir aufgefallen, dass ein Schritt in meiner Kette nicht mehr funktioniert. Im Artikel selber schrieb ich, dass im ~.fetchmailrc von meinem Benutzer zwei hosts abgefragt werden. In Tat und Wahrheit hat es aber noch einen dritten… [de]
  • 12:23 UTC (diff) Comments on Raspberry Pi als privater Email Server . . . . AlexSchroeder Nach DSA-2896-1 openssl – security update zum Thema Heartbleed den Anleitungen auf dem Debian Wiki (zu einer früheren Sicherheitslücke) folgen. {{{ sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo rm etcdovecotdovecot.pem etcdovecotprivatedovecot.pem sudo dpkg-reconfigure dovecot-core sudo rm… [de]





  • 12:01 UTC (diff) Comments on 2014-04-02 Spielabend bei mir . . . . AlexSchroeder Danke! Für mich ist es wichtig, keine Ideen "für später" zu sparen. Später gibt es noch bessere Ideen. Alle guten Ideen gehören so schnell wie möglich eingebaut. Der Bericht aus der Sicht eines Spielers, übrigens: Schlacht um Susrael. [de]
  • 09:41 UTC (new) 2014-04-03 Eich and Mozilla . . . . AlexSchroeder Here's to not boycotting Firefox and still helping the scandal get some publicity. [en]
  • 08:46 UTC (diff) Comments on 2014-04-02 Spielabend bei mir . . . . Markus Wow, das klingt fantastisch. Ich mag ja epische Geschichten und den Zusatz mit den Gefolgsleuten und den Schlachten oder Armeen finde ich eine schöne Idee. Das bringt mich auf Ideen meiner eigenen Kampagne (http:/www.drachenzwinge.deforum/index.php?topic=48784.0) ein wenig… größer zu gestalten.… [de]
  • 05:32 UTC (diff) Comments on 2014-04-02 Spielabend bei mir . . . . AlexSchroeder Du hast 2011 mitgespielt. :) -> [http:/campaignwiki.orgwikiFünfWindeDellinorm Dellinorm]




  • 21:49 UTC (diff) Comments on 2013-12-31 Scanner Again . . . . AlexSchroeder Wow, it works! At first I was confused because I got a low-resolution image every time. Then I saw the menu item "show resolution list" and managed to switch to 300 dpi. Thanks for the pointer! [en]
  • 20:49 UTC (new) Comments on 2014-03-30 Switzerlad D&D . . . . Rorschachhamster Heh, I had one campaign in a quasi historical Holstein of the 10th century… swamp, moors, water, woods, and one major river and a lot of small ones. And the not too far north sea. No dikes yet, so drowned river lowlands by saltwater storm floods every autumn and spring. A very distant emperor,… [en]
  • 12:54 UTC (new) 2014-03-30 Switzerlad D&D . . . . AlexSchroeder Recently I found this blog post about Localism which ended in the question what a campaign would look like if it were located in the are you live in. For the north of Switzerland: Forested hills. Dark and forbidding forests full of bandits. Trails connecting villages across along the ridges.… [en]



  • 12:50 UTC (diff) Comments on 2014-03-24 Torchbearer . . . . AlexSchroeder As I was reading Ramanan's post and the comments, I went looking for those threads where Luke and Thor reported on their BX D&D gaming. "We've been playing D&D at BWHQ for the past four months…" on Google+ "I'm sort of embarrassed by how excited I am about this little tale of dungeon… [en]


  • 14:11 UTC (diff) Comments on 2014-03-24 Torchbearer . . . . AlexSchroeder I'm sure this works for many people. As for myself, I need to ask myself the question: how many times must I have tried it before I confidently say, that it is not for me? After running a few sessions of Burning Wheel (campaign wiki), a one-shot at a convention, a session of Blossoms are Falling,… [en]
  • 11:39 UTC (diff) Comments on 2014-03-24 Torchbearer . . . . Ynas Midgard I've GMed Torchbearer thrice now; twice the starting scenario from the book in person and once the one you guys played on Google+. The first time went horribly wrong with players mostly into OSR games. The third one was also a failure, although not as big as the first one. The second one, however,… [en]
  • 11:05 UTC (new) Comments on 2014-03-24 Torchbearer . . . . AlexSchroeder A thread on the forum for the same dungeon that went very differently: Dread Crypt of Skogenby.




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