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2020-04-08 The Regiment

A post on Reddit asking for good role-playing games about the Second World War reminded me of The Regiment (Blog, Download).

Check this out: Operation Market Garden (Session 1). I was stunned by the write-ups for this short campaign of The Regiment run and written by Paul Riddle. Reading it, knowing that it’s the product of a role-playing game, seeing the short game master commentary interleaved with the events, seeing the rolls and what it meant in the game, remembering those classic movies like A Bridge Too Far, those classic shooters like Medal of Honor: Frontline – this seemed just right. This must be the game I’m looking for.

The thing to understand, however, is that The Regiment used to be an Apocalypse World hack for World War II but the latest revision of the rules has changed the setting to a far future inspired by Aliens called Colonial Marines. I’d say the old rules are still a great match.

Anyway. Players belong to an Assault Unit (400 people) divided into various platoons and two infantry companies (120 people). Companies are made of more platoons (40 people), platoons are made of squads (13 people), squads are made of firing teams (4 people) and the players will probably be playing a firing team. If characters die, you just play the next person. Paul’s third session report includes a character death and a short discussion thereof.

Also, look at those maps. Awesome!


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2020-04-07 Opposed 2d6 rolls

I got an interesting question on Reddit the other day:

Why use opposed 2d6?

Firstly, I think I like rolling dice as a referee so designs where the referee rolls no dice weren’t appealing, e.g. Dungeon World. Second, in systems where the referee sets difficulty levels I feel continuously stressed out by having to determine all these things, maybe even defend my assessment against players, e.g. Traveller. When I saw the opposed roll in the Blackmoor documentary, I saw that rolling for circumstances was best: I can always interpret the oracle of the dice.

That is, instead of wondering “how difficult is this computer to hack, exactly?” I can simply decide “it’s probably a bit harder than normal” and roll 2d6+1, and then we’ll all know whether this computer has decent ICE installed...


Comments on 2020-04-07 Opposed 2d6 rolls

Funny you should mention Traveller. There used to be a thing in classic Traveller called a “situation throw” which was just as you describe: I in my 20th century ignorance have no idea how hard it is to repair the air scrubber in the derelict vessel, so I roll 2d6 to determine the difficulty.

Traveller dice modifiers can be tacked on with a simple ±1 for each beneficial or unfortunate circumstance that is established before the roll, and the DM’s job of rationalizing why the scrubber is in such poor shape that it requires a 10 or better is a bit easier than figuring out what it “should” be.

– Christopher Jahnke 2020-04-08 00:12 UTC

Absolutely. I saw that in Chris Kubasik’s wonderful blog posts in 2017/2018: What “The Traveller” Adventure had to Say About Situation Throws and part 2 with Randomized Situation Numbers. I approve. 🙂

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-08 05:44 UTC

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2020-04-05 Jitsi Considerations

Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Does your Jitsi instance use things that enable tracking, such as Google Analytics, Google Fonts, Google STUN servers?
  2. Does your Jitsi instance have a decent privacy policy, such as minimal logging, no sharing with third parties, and so on?
  3. If you’re self-hosting, have you considered these issues?
  4. Make sure people only use the apps, or Chrome – apparently Safari doesn’t work and Firefox ruins the experience for everybody else in the meeting
  5. Understand that all the apps except for the one on the F-Droid store for Android come with trackers

This is based on the following sources:

  1. Good info by Freifunk München on how to use Jitsi, and a link to their instance
  2. Also, an app for the desktop based on Electron, so at least you don’t have to run Google Chrome
  3. Privacy Tools on Zoom vs. Jitsi, listing some of the issues with Jitsi


Comments on 2020-04-05 Jitsi Considerations

I installed the Debian package for the Freifunk Jitsi app and that worked just fine.

alex@melanobombus:~$ sudo dpkg -i Downloads/ffmuc-meet-amd64.deb 
[sudo] password for alex: 
Selecting previously unselected package jitsi-meet-electron.
(Reading database ... 498341 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack Downloads/ffmuc-meet-amd64.deb ...
Unpacking jitsi-meet-electron (2.0.4-31) ...
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of jitsi-meet-electron:
 jitsi-meet-electron depends on libappindicator3-1; however:
  Package libappindicator3-1 is not installed.

dpkg: error processing package jitsi-meet-electron (--install):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Processing triggers for gnome-menus (3.31.4-3) ...
Processing triggers for mime-support (3.62) ...
Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.23-4) ...
Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme (0.17-2) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
alex@melanobombus:~$ apt search libappindicator3-1
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1/amber 0.4.92-7 amd64
  Typelib files for libappindicator3-1

libappindicator3-1/amber 0.4.92-7 amd64
  allow applications to export a menu into the panel -- GTK3 version

alex@melanobombus:~$ sudo apt install libappindicator3-1
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these.
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 libappindicator3-1 : Depends: libindicator3-7 but it is not going to be installed
E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).
alex@melanobombus:~$ sudo apt --fix-broken install
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
Correcting dependencies... Done
The following additional packages will be installed:
  libappindicator3-1 libindicator3-7
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  libappindicator3-1 libindicator3-7
0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
1 not fully installed or removed.
Need to get 106 kB of archives.
After this operation, 217 kB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] 
Get:1 https://repo.pureos.net/pureos amber/main amd64 libindicator3-7 amd64 0.5.0-4 [52.9 kB]
Get:2 https://repo.pureos.net/pureos amber/main amd64 libappindicator3-1 amd64 0.4.92-7 [53.5 kB]
Fetched 106 kB in 1s (187 kB/s)               
Selecting previously unselected package libindicator3-7:amd64.
(Reading database ... 498429 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack .../libindicator3-7_0.5.0-4_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking libindicator3-7:amd64 (0.5.0-4) ...
Selecting previously unselected package libappindicator3-1:amd64.
Preparing to unpack .../libappindicator3-1_0.4.92-7_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking libappindicator3-1:amd64 (0.4.92-7) ...
Setting up libindicator3-7:amd64 (0.5.0-4) ...
Setting up libappindicator3-1:amd64 (0.4.92-7) ...
Setting up jitsi-meet-electron (2.0.4-31) ...
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.28-10) ...

OK, there was this little problem because I didn’t know how to install a package from a file and satisfy all its dependency from the regular repos.

Also, I’m starting to feel like installing all this stuff from packages I download myself is a security nightmare. These packages are never going to get fixed! 😟

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-05 12:14 UTC

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2020-04-05 Covid-19 Pandemic

Where do I write about the global pandemic? What is there to write when everybody else is writing about it?

The things I find interesting:

Let's all wear a mask, and people making their own masks, posting patterns and pictures on Mastodon.

@fribbledom saying: “It’s like my entire life prepared me for this...” 🤔 – and posting this image from Hong Kong:

A poster from the Hong Kong Centre of Health Protection

Here’s what it says:

Together, We Fight the Virus!
To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus in the community, we need to work together
Reduce social contact to protect yourself and others
Avoid crowds
Work from home
Stay at home
Avoid social gatherings
Avoid shaking hads with others
Avoid meal gatherings

Also, changing my avatar:

But also this... warning: extreme eye contact ahead!

I’m at home, working on the company laptop; it has a small screen; I’m too lazy to go into the office and carry a monitor home (half of the way would be on foot since I don’t have a car). So... I make due. But unlike the private laptop where I use font size 16 and above everywhere, and Emacs, on the company laptop it’s Eclipse and Outlook and other stupid tiny shit, making me wear reading glasses. Such is life at 45 and older!

Image 2

But then again, I’m also enjoying home office coffee break!

Image 3

I think I’m getting used to this. The hashtag to use is #whfwork from home.

Image 5

My setup was not comfy. The bench looks nice but my ass was as flat as it can get and it started to hurt. I didn’t know my office was so ergonomic until I started to work from home.

Image 4

Got an old chair from the cellar...

Image 6


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2020-04-04 Zaubersprüche für Helle Barden

Also, eigentlich will ich ja die Zaubersprüch aus meine Spellcasters Projekt übernehmen, aber zum einen sind die vergleichsweise lang, und auf Englisch, und voller unnötigen Details, die in einem einfachen 2W6 System nichts zu suchen haben. Deswegen bin ich einfach die Zaubersprüche der fünf Magier in meiner aktuellen Kampagne durchgegangen (die vier Elemente wie in Avatar: The Last Airbender sowie Tiermagie), und dann bin ich noch meine Liste der Gegner durchgegangen und habe geschaut, was die so für Zaubersprüche verwenden.

Und so kommen wir zu einer kurzen Liste, die ich so auch ins Helle Barden PDF übernommen habe.

  • Bezauberung, macht jemanden zu einem Freund (was nachher aber zu Ekel führt)
  • Drachenodem, brennt ein ganzes Dorf nieder, wer nicht fliehen kann muss sterben
  • Eiszapfen, trifft einen Gegner in Sichtweite, braucht Wasserquelle
  • Feueratem, setzt einen Gegner im Nahkampf in Brand
  • Feuerkugel, trifft einen Gegner in Sichtweite, verursacht eine kleine Explosion
  • Flammenmeer, setzt die ganze Umgebung in Flammen, wer bleibt erleidet Schaden
  • Flammenwaffe, verwandelt eine normale Waffe in eine magische Flammenwaffe +1
  • Fluch, führt zu Atemnot und Erstickungsangst
  • Giftausdünstung, vergiftet ein ganzes Dorf, wer nicht fliehen kann muss sterben
  • Mit Tieren reden, erlaubt die Unterhaltung mit den Tieren
  • Steinhagel, Steine bombardieren einen Gegner in Sichtweite, braucht kleine Steine
  • Stimme, zwingt jemanden zu einer Handlung
  • Strömung, kontrolliert die Luft in Sichtweite (Geruch, Sporen, Gift)
  • Welle, schwemmt Gegner weg, braucht eine Wasserquelle


Comments on 2020-04-04 Zaubersprüche für Helle Barden

Heute hat eine Hexe Unsichtbarkeit gezaubert und mir war dann gar nicht klar, was denn passieren würde, wenn sie diese Runde gewinnen würde. Impliziert das schon ein Gegenangriff? Oder muss man sich das immer zusammen mit einem Angriff vorstellen? „Ich mache mich unsichtbar und…“ Sowas in der Art?

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-04 23:11 UTC

Vielleicht so: es gibt Sprüche, die man nicht im Kampf einsetzt. Will die Hexe also in Kampf unsichtbar werden, gibt es eine Chance, dass ein Angriff ihr Schaden zufügt und sie ihrerseits – wenn sie gewinnt – wird einfach unsichtbar, ohne Schaden zu verursachen. Vielleicht ist der ansonsten zugefügte Schaden einfach der Bonus auf den nächsten Wurf? Ein +5 auf den nächsten Wurf wäre natürlich absolut krass. Mal schauen! Vielleicht entspricht das sogar noch eher dem, was sich die Spieler vorstellen, wenn sie an einen unsichtbaren Mörder denken.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-05 16:04 UTC

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2020-04-04 Gegner für Helle Barden

Irgendwie will ich mir die Freiheit lassen, bei Helle Barden alle Gegner zu improvisieren, aber irgendwie will ich auch eine gewisse “Lernbarkeit” herbeiführen: Es muss den Spielern möglich sein, die Gegner mit ihren Stärken und Schwächen kennen zu lernen, und das geht ja eigentlich nur, wenn sie Stärken und Schwächen haben und diese sich nicht ständig ändern. Ausserdem gehöre ich zu der Sorte von Leuten, die mehr an die fantastische Welt glauben, wenn es irgendwo geschrieben steht. Und zu guter Letzt gibt es den Blog Lesern einen kleinen Einblick in meine Sorte von generischer Kampagne in guter alter Elves Dwarves Orcs (EDO) Manier. So bin ich! 😀

Also, eine kleine Liste von Gegnern. Ein Herz ♡ ist ein Leben, ist ja klar, entspricht also einem “Trefferwürfel” in D&D. Die Zaubersprüche sind auf einer anderen Seite.

  • Banditen ♡, +1 beim Drohen und Erpressen
  • Barden ♡, +2 beim Singen und Geschichtenerzählen, sonst +1
  • Basilisken ♡♡♡♡♡♡, +3 mit ihrer Giftaura
  • Bären ♡♡♡, +1 im Nahkampf, +2 wenn sie verletzt sind
  • Beamten ♡, +1 im Umgang mit Formularen und Vorschriften
  • Diebe ♡, +1 beim Schleichen und Klauen
  • Drachen ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, +3 mit ihrem Drachenodem, +2 im Nahkampf
  • Dämone ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, +2 im Nahkampf, oft aber +3 mit einer Flammenwaffe
  • Echsenmenschen ♡♡, +1 beim Geschichtenerzählen
  • Elfen ♡, +1 als Krieger, +2 wenn sie ihre Bezauberung einsetzen
  • Feldherr ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, +2, mit schwerer Rüstung und Schild
  • Froschlinge ♡, +1 beim Sprungangriff
  • Ghule ♡♡, +1 beim Nahkampf, +2 beim lähmenden Nahkampf unter der Erde
  • Harpien ♡♡♡, +2 wenn sie ihre Bezauberung einsetzen
  • Helden ♡♡♡♡♡♡, +2, mit schwerer Rüstung und Schild
  • Hexen ♡♡♡♡♡, +2 wenn sie ihre Bezauberung einsetzen oder Flüche schleudern
  • Höllenhunde ♡♡♡♡♡, +1 im Nahkampf, +2 mit ihrem Feueratem
  • Medusen ♡♡♡♡, +2 mit ihrer sanften Stimme, +3 mit ihren Schlangenhaaren
  • Minotauren ♡♡♡♡♡♡, +2 in ihrem Labyrinth
  • Mumien ♡♡♡♡♡, +2 mit ihrer trockenen Stimme, -1 gegen Wasser
  • Nagas ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, +3 mit ihrem Flammenmeer oder ihrer Bezauberung, sonst +2
  • Orks ♡, +1 wenn Gewalt gebraucht wird und beim Umgang mit Eisen
  • Riesen ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, +3 wenn sie ihre Grösse ins Spiel bringen können, sonst +1
  • Ritter ♡♡♡♡♡, +2, mit schwerer Rüstung und Schild
  • Spione ♡, +2 beim Fälschen, Lügen, Schleichen, Verkleiden, sonst +1
  • Trolle ♡♡♡♡♡♡, +3 solange sie mit beiden Füssen auf dem Boden stehen
  • Vampire ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, +2 im Kampf, +3 mit ihrer Stimme
  • Wachen ♡♡♡, +0, mit leichter Rüstung und Schild
  • Werwölfe ♡♡♡♡, +2 in ihrer wilden Gestalt
  • Wildschweine ♡♡♡, +1 im Nahkampf
  • Wölfe und Kriegshunde ♡♡, +0 aber einfach hart im Nehmen
  • Zwerge ♡♡♡♡, +2 im Umgang mit Stein, sonst +1, mit schwerer Rüstung und Schild

Ich denke, diese Liste werde ich auch bald ins PDF übernehmen.


Comments on 2020-04-04 Gegner für Helle Barden

Hatte heute Abend Kämpfe gegen zwei Monster: bei der Hexe habe ich nur vier leben statt fünf genommen und der Kampf war schnell fertig; beim Etttin hat alles ewig gedauert. Ich hatte angesagt, dass ein Streit zwischen den Köpfen viel nützen würde. Statt zehn Leben und +2 hatte der Ettin anfangs ein -1. mit jeder Runde, in der die Initiative hatte, gewann er aber +1 dazu, bis er wieder auf +2 war: der Streit endet, die erste Keule in der Hand, dann die zweite Keule in der Hand. Die vielen Punkte sind lange nicht gesunken, bis am Ende ein Wurf mit 8 Differenz dem Ettin die letzten 4 Leben genommen haben: in den Worten des Spielers, ein Pfeil in jedes Auge.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-04 22:34 UTC

Was mir auch schwer gefallen ist: was improvisiert man bei Gleichstand? braucht jedes Monster noch drei Ideen? Ich habe verwendet.

  • Bäume ausreissen und den Zugang versperren
  • weitere Orks, welche die Situation beobachten

Das war eigentlich cool, aber irgendwie war es doch auch anstrengend. Aber mit acht Spielern ist es immer anstrengend. Vielleicht gibt es da auch einfach keine andere Lösung.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-04 23:06 UTC

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2020-04-03 S.M.A.R.T. RPG and King Arthur Pendragon

I got a very nice voice mail by the Goblin Henchman in response to my latest Halberds and Helmets Podcast episode on Just Halberds, my simple 2d6 game. It talked about their own simple 1d6 game, the S.M.A.R.T. RPG. It basically boils everything down to the AD&D surprise system, of all things. I recommend reading up on it. 🙂

Characters have five attributes in the range of 1–6 and you roll 1d6: rolling your number or lower is a success, and the measure of your success is how high you rolled. Thus, trying to make an attack with an attribute at 1, you only succeed ⅙ of the time and if you do, you only do 1 point of damage (⅙×1=⅙ on average). With an attribute of 3, you succeed ½ of the time and if you do, you do 1–3 points of damage (½×1½=¾ on average).

It’s an interesting system and reminded me of the King Arthur Pendragon (KAP) system where skill tests are rolled on a d20 using the same idea: roll as close but still lower than your skill to succeed, roll your skill exactly for a critical success, and if you’re in a contest, both contestants make a skill check and you have to pass, and beat your opponent with the same roll. Thus, one person having a skill of 10 doesn’t just get a success on 1–10, their max result in a contest is also a 10. What I didn’t like about this is that it’s possible for both contestants to fail. What does that mean? Do you just roll again?

The really nice part about KAP is when you apply it to traits. All traits come in pairs that add up to twenty. So, if you’re chaste 12, then you’re lustful 8. If you try to be chaste, roll a d20 and try to get a 12 or lower. If you roll higher, your character automatically has to test for the opposite, even if you as their player don’t want that: characters have autonomy! So once you failed the chastity test, you need to make a lustful test: roll a d20 and now you try to roll higher than 8 because rolling an 8 or lower means your character succeeds at being lustful even though you wanted them to be chaste. Only if you fail both rolls does the player get to decide again.

It’s weird, and it’s interesting, and it makes players feels like their characters have a life of their own, and I like that. I don’t like the “fail twice and it’s up to the player to make a free choice again” aspect, though. I think I’d much prefer it if failing at being chaste automatically meant being lustful.

Related: 2013-08-05 Character talks about unbalanced Pendragon characters having to Roll whether their player likes it or not.


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2020-04-03 Episode 30

Podcast On the 2d6 system I’ve been using for my new campaign: Just Halberds. How to create a character, how to resolve conflicts, and for combat, how to combine initiative, attack, and damage, into one opposed roll.


  • Norbert G. Matausch’s Landshut Rules
  • Norbert G. Matausch’s interview with Bob Meyer on Ancient-School Roleplaying
  • Secrets of Blackmoor on the early role-playing game that David Arneson ran
  • Christopher Kubasik’s notes on an interview with Mark Miller on how Mark Miller plays Traveller
  • Christopher Kubasik’s blog post, Notes on the Personal Combat System, where he talks about the close relationship of early Traveller and Kriegsspiel: “Traveller was originally written for a much more fluid play style. Modifiers and more, based on circumstance, actions, and results are adjudicated on the fly by the Referee.”
  • Dungeon World alternatives like World of Dungeons (and the German translation)
  • 2015-12-26 Benefits of Dungeon World talks about the flow of combat: “The cinematic flow happens because the referee starts by threatening a character, the character reacts and ends up making a move. If the move was a success (they rolled 10+ on 2d6), the player keeps talking, or another player starts talking, until one of them ends up making another move. If the move was a partial success (they rolled 7–9 on 2d6), the referee is to make a soft move, that is, upping the ante, threatening the players with more enemies, a deterioration of their situation, whatever. Something gets worse but there are no immediate consequences. If the move was a failure (they rolled 6- on 2d6), then the referee is to make a hard move, that is, dealing damage, separating party members from the rest. Something bad happens and there are immediate consequences.”
  • 2019-01-01 Warm and fuzzy feels talks about the process at the table that starts with simple rules and develops into a house system by simply making rulings at the table and using them as precedent as long as you remember them. If you forget, then the ruling probably just deserved to be forgotten again and you’ll make a new one if the issue ever comes up again.
  • Just Halberds: the rules I discussed in my podcast
  • Helle Barden: the German edition of these rules

The title page of Just Halberds


Comments on 2020-04-03 Episode 30

Got some interesting questions and pointers all over the Internet.

Non-player characters. I usually think of them as D&D people: guards, thieves, soldiers, tax collectors, inn keepers, they all have one hit. If soldiers and guards are wearing light armour and shield, they have 3 hits. Leaders may have three hits, plus hits granted by armour, in other words: like player characters. Famous evil doers might have up to five hits, plus hits granted by armour.

Spells per day. I don’t limit spell use per day. I’d hope that this would regulate itself at the table, if overdone. You might consider saying that this is really tiring and give the opposition a bonus, if you wanted. Or even simpler: ask the table. How do they feel about endless teleportation? They probably don’t care. What about endless magic missiles? They probably don’t care. What I’m getting at is that only very specific spells that can be cast in endless succession are problematic, and in that case maybe that spell simply needs to be changed. If you had a spell that is super powerful but it doesn’t make difference if you cast it multiple times, no problem. If the fireball kills twenty people, then being able to cast it many times in a row may be problematic, depending on how you view it. Make fireballs smaller, more like magic missiles, and the problem is solved. Or make it bigger, so that it’s effectively a fight-ending spell and make it hard to get. This makes sure that there is simply no point in casting the spell multiple times. Either way, problem solved.

– Alex Schroeder

This 2d6 game that you are working on and Landshut truly has me inspired. I am about to DM for the first time in 7 years (and play first time again in 7 years). These are the rules I am going to use with my friends this weekend who have never played.

The #1 thing holding me back the last few years is system and how my mind constantly wants to go from one thing to another. Can never commit to anything. But this system is so flexible and beautiful. Only thing I feel a lack for is the initiative system, doesn’t quite feel normal or natural to me. It feels like it would leave passive players to feeling left out. I think I prefer the system to have a built in mechanic to give the players a move.

Either way thanks Alex!

Minalt 2020-04-03 21:58 UTC

Good luck! In our games the system automatically led players to nominate each other if they hadn’t taken rolled any dice in a while. Thus, anytime a player wins the opposed roll and does damage, they need to decide who goes next. They look at the table, they need to pick somebody. This is the moment to make suggestions, to point at people, to comment that maybe Samuel has been pretty quiet lately, and so on. I’d give it a try.

If you don’t like it, I would simply go around the table, irrespective of who won the last opposed roll.

Either way, please report back! I’d love to hear how it turned out.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-03 22:04 UTC

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2020-04-02 Helle Barden

Die deutsche Fassung von meinem simplen 2W6 Rollenspiel Just Halberds gibt es nun zum Runterladen: Helle Barden!

Fehlt sicher noch Zeug, aber so kann man schon mal gut starten! Beispiele, Listen, Karten, so Sachen halt. 🙂


Comments on 2020-04-02 Helle Barden

Im Gespräch mit @marionline zum Thema Nichtspielercharaktere (NSCs) meinte ich, dass ich wahrscheinlich vielen NPCs nur ein Leben geben würde, wie im alten D&D: die meisten haben nur einen Trefferwürfel, wichtige NSCs haben aber sicher auch mehr. Und dann würde ich mir ein paar Stichworte notieren und jeweils situativ entscheiden: können sie etwas gut dann +1, ist es ihre Spezialität dann +2, sonst halt +0. Die genau Aufteilung in Beruf, Talent(e), und Spezialfähigkeiten würde ich mir sparen. Nur bei Magiern würde ich Sprüche aufschreiben, weil das Lernen neuer Sprüche davon abhängt, dass NSCs auch tatsächlich Sprüche im Angebot haben.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-04-03 08:37 UTC

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2020-04-02 Bread

On Mastodon, I’ve been posting about baking bread and growing yeast. The problem is that in these times of Corona, I immediately thought: “I’m going to bake me some bread so I don’t have to go by my daily bread!” Sadly, many other people seem to have had the same idea and where as I was always able to find some flour and get it home-delivered, getting yeast was tricky. So, I determined to grow my own yeast.

Online, I found this article: How To Easily Make Your Own Yeast From Scratch. I cooked some potatoes the other night. Kept a bit of the water, added a spoon of sugar, added a lot of flour, covered it up, and left it in a warm room (our bathroom) for the night.

Image 1

Not much happened. Also, I read that you need a big jar!

Having some extra potato water after Raclette I added more flour and water (50g each); then I noticed some bubbles and added some more (another 50g each). And now I think it grew half a jar in a day.


Image 3

Then I made some bread. I added a bit of salt, and a lot of flour and water to make a wet dough, kneaded it for 10 minutes and let it rise for 2h (but it didn’t), put it in the fridge overnight, took it out the next morning, kneaded it for a bit, let it rise again for 2h (but it didn’t), and finally decided to just make flat bread. I added some water to the oven which I heated up to 230°C. The water provided steam for the first 10min or so.

Image 4

The next time I will use precise measurements, I swear. I seem to have gotten the nuclear option for yeast…

I guess I should have made some cuts at the top. Or left it to prove (raise) for a lot longer.

Anyway, I tried it. It was delicious. I declare success!

Image 5 Image 6

This was a nice YouTube video to watch, recommended by @dredmorbius: How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass. Also in this post, Sourdough Bread Masterclass With Patrick Ryan.

A related thing: making Zopf, a tasty bread that’s a traditional weekend breakfast bread here in Switzerland.

And here’s another YouTube video that is about making sourdough pancakes with the starter if you’re not baking bread every day (and not keeping your starter in the fridge).


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