Isabela 2020

Pictures from our eleventh day on the Galápagos islands.

Early morning in Punta Morena Flightless cormorant Flightless cormorant jumping up and diving down Marine iguana coming ashore The sea is cold Another marine iguana coming ashore Sea lion and flightless cormorant Bored sea lion, busy cormorant Penguin Marine iguanas hanging out Brown feathers means younger penguin The white stuff in their faces is salt Isabela is the largest island of the Galápagos Marine iguanas Marine iguana, swimming Marine iguanas warming up Pelican Some are bigger than others Marine iguanas and penguins Penguin Marine iguana and retreating crabs Galápagos penguins Algae growing on the salt Bigger iguanas can stay in the water for longer Penguins Penguins mate for life Marine iguanas Marine iguana overview Brown pelican Lava Who can spot the lava cactus? Small ponds in the lava Green on black Bigger ponds in the lava Cactus in bloom Notice the flowers More lava Claudia & Alex & lava Mangroves, lava and the ocean Flightless cormorant Pelican stares back Pelicans like to glide over the water Panga ride in Elizabeth Bay Lava herons in the mangrove forest Great blue heron in mangroves Penguin hunting in the lagoon Lava heron, watching the tourists Quiet afternoon, with penguins Sunset