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I love ancient history: The Herodot Book, the Thukydides Book, the Anabasis by Xenophon (his Hellenika was very confusing), the War in Gaul by Caesar, the biographies by Plutarch. And plays, too: Antigone by Sophokles. And other things: Memories of Sokrates by Xenophon, the Apology of Sokrates by Platon (his major philosophical works, however, are boring), the letters by Cicero to his brother and his friends. All are a GoodRead.

But hey, newer authors as well, retelling the stories we all know: Gisbert Haefs' first and greatest book, Hannibal. He also wrote two Alexander books. Great stuff. They got me started on AncientHistory again.

Anyway, others come to mind. The Fall Of Troy, for example:

Troia, by Gisbert Haefs: seen through the eyes of an Assyrian, an Egyptian, and a Sidunian merchant. The Firebrand, by Marion Zimmer Bradley: seen through the eyes of Kassandra. Kassandra, by Christa Wolf: seen through her eyes. The Odyssey and the Iliad, by Homer: I liked the Odyssey, especially when Homer talks about Telemach, Penelope, and beautiful Calypso and Circe. The Iliad is different, full of killings, robbing of armour and interfering gods. Not too interesting, anyway.

If you're into ancient history, check the Ancient History Sourcebook:

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