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Emacs Lisp, aka as elisp, is the lisp dialect used by Emacs. As most of Emacs is written in elisp, it is essential for hacking Emacs. That is considered a GoodThing, because what worthier cause than to hack TheOneAndOnly editor?

There are some benefits associated with this, too: Emacs makes a great integrated development environment for elisp. Emacs has been ported to many platforms, therefore your elisp will be very portable. You can execute your elisp within Emacs. You can access elisp documentation within Emacs. Any good IDE will give you that. If you need just one editor, and you need just one programming language, you can take any language and the official IDE for it. If you are using many ProgrammingLanguages, though, you might as well choose Emacs. And once you have chosen Emacs, elisp will be the natural choice for your next project.

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