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We are not talking IT here -- we are talking about the big It here: Live, the Universe and Everything! Live in the HereAndNow.

What is a man supposed to do by the scent of women, the slow beat of their movements? As time slows down and there she moves, the world just disappears. I breathe. She moves.

After one or two weeks without my love, I start noticing things. The icy look dismissing me, the hidden smile while looking at somebody else, and there she is again. My heart beats, my chest freezes, the body tingles. I better go now.

Reluctantly, I leave.

I dismiss the hookers calling whispering soft secrets everybody knows. I look at them, standing behind their windows, beckoning. Darker secrets await me there. I walk past.

Her image haunts me still. Could have been anybody. I enumerate her faults. Didn't even talk to her. I had to leave.

This happens again and again. On the cover of a magazine. In a shop window. She undresses, laughing. I have to leave.

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