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Sometimes a GoodRead is not enough. You want to be reminded of these things. In order to do this, you can use fortune cookies.

A fortune cookie is a piece of text, interesting, witty, or funny, for you to read. Some people use the fortune(6) program to pick a fortune cookie from a huge collection of fortune cookies on their system. I have prepared some fortune cookie files myself which you can download from this page.


A collections always contain two files: "foo" and "foo.dat". "foo" is a collection of fortune cookies, each separated from the next by a percent character on a line by itself. "foo.dat" is an index into the file "foo" created by the strfile(8) program.

For details on the installation of the fortune files, see the manual pages on your system. On my system, I copy "foo" and "foo.dat" into /usr/local/share/fortune/. This may vary, of course. Then, I start fortune from my .profile file using all the fortune files in the directories specified:

    fortune -a /usr/share/fortune /usr/local/share/fortune

In order to get a fortune cookie from collection "foo" only:

    fortune /usr/local/share/fortune/foo

From Emacs

You can read fortune cookies from TheOneAndOnly editor as well. Here is a simple variant using the cookie function:

    (insert (cookie "/usr/local/share/fortune/foo" 

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tse

See TaoTeKing for more information.

Download the fortune cookies:

Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare

There are many versions of Romeo & Juliet online. I found James Matthew Farrow's pages on Shakespeare to be a great source. The quotes are from the text version of Romeo & Juliet on that site.

Download the fortune cookies:

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