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FreeSoftware is also been called OpenSourceSoftware by some. FreeSoftware emphasizes the freedom to share and improve software. Proprietary software and software patents are perceived as hampering progress and making life miserable for programmers and society at large.

See also the web pages of the Free Software Foundation FSF and the GNU Projekt:

''There are plenty of other areas that can use the bright young people who currently choose to become programmers.'' -- PerAbrahamsen

The following is an excerpt from a posting in reply to a troll claiming that free software undermines our line of business. Published with permission from the author.

 From: PerAbrahamsen
 Subject: Luddites (was: Re: where is emacs21?)
 Newsgroups: alt.religion.emacs,gnu.misc.discuss
 Followup-To: gnu.misc.discuss
 Date: 08 Jun 2001 15:58:42 +0200
 Organization: The Church of Emacs
 > In that respect, isn't Open Source fairly close to Copyleft?  If
 > copyleft is going to put programmers in the street, then so will open
 > source.

I really think this this whole Luddite line of argument is disgusting. If free software (whatever the license) are going to put programmers on the street, it is because it solves the problems that need to be solved more efficiently than unfree software. If so, that is a good thing. While I enjoy working as a programmer, I do not want to have my job protected by deliberately using inefficient development techniques. If we can do the same amount of work as we do today with half as many programmers, there are plenty of other areas that can use the bright young people who currently choose to become programmers, and our society will become richer as a result.

Something totally different is that I very much doubt free software will cause unemployment among programmers. The current amount of programmers are nowhere near enough to fulfill the need, and with development cost reduced many more problems will be economically feasible to solve.

The fraction of programmers that develop software intended for large or medium scale sale may have to find new positions, but most programmers are hired for solving problems, not developing products. That sector have plenty of expansion potential.

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