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If you read a lot and live in Switzerland, you might be interested in my little guide to BuyingBooksOnline. It's a collection of notes for myself to remind me of what worked and what didn't.

Here are some topics in no particular order . . .

I read a lot of ComicBooks. Usually of French and Japanese origin. I was interested in super heroes at the age of seven. It took me another thirteen years to discover other comics.

As to Topics, I'm a big fan of ArthurianRomances and AncientHistory. Currently, I'm also interested in ArabHistory and ZenBuddhism. I have also used a publically available copy of the TaoTeKing for FortuneCookies.

I like poetry by GeorgTrakl and CharlesBaudelaire. I don't really know why this touch of sadness and decay fascinates me. I also enjoy listening to music by TheCure. Nevertheless, I don' consider myself to be a melancholy character. Must be something about BeautyAndPain.

Another author I enjoy reading is William Shakespeare. I love to read his plays, I love to see them performed, and I especially liked the "Romeo + Juliet" movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Dane. A GoodMovie. They have a web site, too: The movie came out 1996. It was hard paced, well cut and had incredible style: The city of Verona is a Mexican town with beach, church, cars, guns, Maria, neon crosses and wild parties. Amazing. I've collected some Romeo and Juliet FortuneCookies for people to download.

I'm a big fan of Tolkiens "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Silmarillion". That is why I sometimes hang out on the ElendorMush and on BeleriandMush. MUSH stands for multi user shared hallucination or something like that. People log in and assume a character in Tolkien's imaginary world. The interaction between all the players online is entertaining, story telling, creative writing, practicing my English, manipulation, diplomacy -- great stuff, anyway.

Another author I enjoy: GuyGavrielKay. He helped Christopher Tolkien (JRR Tolkien's son) to put "The Silmarillion" together. Another one for BeautyAndPain.

My favorite philosopher is Karl Popper. Full of common sense when you read him. I recommend The Open Society And Its Enemies and the collected essays in "Alles Leben ist Problemlösen" -- All Life is Problemsolving. I don't know wether you want to count Machiavelli as a philosopher, but Il Principe (The Prince) certainly is a GoodRead. And Lao Tse, too.

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