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Guy Gavriel Kay is a Fantasy author. Often enough his beginnings are slow and seem bland or boring. However, all the books I have read so far built up a great momentum and emotional tension. There is a sadness and pain to the story development in his books that I have never seen in other books. BeautyAndPain. Definitively a GoodRead.

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"Music for Arbonne" has a very crude depiction of the bad guys in the beginning, but the story progresses nicely. It isn't too impressive though. "The Fionavar Tapestry" is one of my favorites. This time, evil is embodied in a Tolkien-like demonic power. On the good side, there is pain, suffering sacrifice, it seems unbearably sad at times, and yet one cannot stop. Pain and beauty create something new, a lightness, happiness and melancholy, to fragile to grasp in a few words. "Tigana" is very impressive because the distinction between good and evil grows weaker still. More than ever it is circumstance that drives the characters into situations of pain and sorrow. And from this sadness, yet again, arises the typicall beauty of another book by GG Kay. The same goes for "The Lions of Al-Rassan". There is no separation into good and evil this time. It seems that pain and suffering are part of the human condition, of the way we deal with each other, of the way history progresses, something unavoidable, something tragic. And yet, life goes on, beauty exists, love is.

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