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What is a home page? A misnomer -- this page is not "home". Home is where your heart is. Perhaps. If you have no home, does that mean you have no heart? Maybe not. I travelled a lot. Home is where I can sit and relax on the toilet. Home is where I like to read. Home is where I like to cook. Home is where I spend my nights.

So what is the home page? It is not even a page. I authored most of the pages available in this directory. Digital space by my provider. A set of pages. I authored other pages as well, though. On MeatballWiki. On WikiWiki.

This is not home. This is not the only thing I write. This is not even just one page. We are talking about dozens of little pages.

You are in a maze of tiny little pages, all alike.

Actually I thought I had read this quote on Jamie Zawinski's site,, but I can't find it there anymore . . . If you see it somewhere, be sure to come back and send me some mail. FeedBack, actually. I'm sure you will.

Anyway, since we only got started in questioning the existence of homepages, let's think about our PurposeInLife. Or, while we're at it, about the PurposeOfHomepages. And wether the two are related at all. Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time on these pages because that gives me an excuse to write some Perl, Python or Lisp scripts. The coding is fun, the homepage just incidental. Who knows.

How about this: MakeItPersonal! By the way (or -- as we hackers often say -- btw) (say?) have you ever noticed how many HomePage authors write about their religious beliefs? Strange, isn't. It means so much to us. It soothed our soul, calmed our fears, and now we would like to help others, too. I wonder how many people get converted each year because of religious homepages they read. You meet a guru online, in a online game -- you find a URL to that person's homepage, and there it is: "I am a member of this and that church." Amazing, isn't it? And btw, did I tell you about ZenBuddhism?

Beware -- as I add and rewrite pages, things get lost. Pages disconnect themselves. Little pockets of content in the maze. Maybe I should do some link analysis, here. There is some stuff like that on Meatball:IndexingSchemes.

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