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nstant Messaging systems such as AIM (see, ICQ (see or Jabber (see make it possible to reach a lot of people online. When I'm online, I can be reached as:

Both Kensanata on and on AIM are no longer used. A pitty, really. I liked AIM because of the ability to "warn" other users. This automatically creates pressure not to annoy people. It's like social pressures in real life. People not spamming me on AIM is the result of EmergentBehaviour.

I don't like ICQ because of its creeping featurism. Why should I want all sorts of add-ons as part of ICQ when I have TheOneAndOnly Emacs? ^_^

But then again, that's the one almost everybody else seems to be using, so I'll just follow the crowd. Only dead fish install ICQ?

I used to use Jabber at home on my Linux machine. But it either didn't work or nobody was ever online. Anyway, I spend more time on IRC, these days.

Note, however, that I still PreferEmail.

2001-10-19 -- I've started to use the Yahoo messenger when I'm online. Installing it was easy. I downloaded the RPM, ran "alien --to-deb" on it, and installed the *.deb file. Worked like a charm. Anyway, try it.

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