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If you follow these simple LayoutRules, your pages will look like good ol' plaintext. There is no MarkupLanguage involved. And yet, they are easily converted to HTML pages (WikiPublishing?).

    (defun wiki-maybe ()
      "Maybe turn wiki-minor-mode on for this file."
      (when (wiki-file-p)

This paragraph is indented. Linewrapping is not disabled.

 * This is item one
 * This is item two
 * This is item three

The emphasis rule can be used to disable some of these mechanics:

''''* Not a list item....

If you are using WikiMode to maintain your own wiki, these LayoutRules are easily changed. Customize the wiki group within Emacs. There, you'll find the variable wiki-publishing-markup which contains RegularExpressions to search and replace in your wikis in order to produce the output you want when publishing.

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