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As "Oleg Kireev" <> said on NetTime:

There's now something to answer a usual rhetoric question "What are you suggesting instead?" We suggest ourselves instead of the aged and corrupted politicians and their activists - ourselves who are young, well-looking, aware and able to do the work which we like "quickly, accessibly, qualified".

Protest raises awareness of a problem, but it won't solve it. People solve it. When the problem is beyond political control, such as our hapiness, our peace, our community, then we must make the alternative ourselves. Find some friends, get together and enact a social meme: Create a party that invites others to join and to organize more parties. Talk, laugh, listen to music, sing, dance, drink. Enjoy the rituals of the world. Take back the streets by making the streets part of your behaviour.

The fun you are having is the bait of your social meme. It attracts people. The talking is the hook of your social meme. It spreads the word. Having fun in public places is of central importance for the infection strategy. Infected hosts will start having fun in public places as well and thus the meme is spread.

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