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Have you read any stories on {fray}?

The interesting part is that authors are required to submit personal stories. True stories. Whatever "true" means in a world of relatively cheap internet service providing and anonymous hosting of web and mail space. Anyway: Personal stories. Something that moved your. Touched you. Changed you.

Something that makes you less like all the OtherPeople. Add facets to your online personality, wether it be true or not, maintain an image of yourself, for others see. A replacement for the visual impression, your face, your clothes, your movements, your smell, your voice. Express yourself -- not for yourself, for self realization, whatever that is. Express yourself for the rest of us.

What is then, our expression, our image? What about privacy? People don't tell their neighbours about the books they read, yet they put it up on their homepage!? What does that tell you: Are we social bums or online extroverts? Or maybe the list of books is not intended for the neighbour. It is intended for the readers of your favorite newsgroups. The only question is, therefore: Do I mind if my neighbor reads my HomePage? My boss? My clients? My students? My friends?

Well, there is a diary on my Meatball page, read it if you like. It usually only goes back a few days. Meatball:AlexSchroeder.

Auf Deutsch: Im Internet ist jeder Mensch gläsern. -- AlexSchroeder.

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