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This is a pretty boring page, isn't it. It could, however, be worse. I could have tried to hide the lack of content with Java applets, animated GIFs and BLINK tags. --Matt Simmons

I kept several points in mind, when I designed this web site. If you are interested in web design, take a look at the Alertbox, a column on WebSiteUsability.

If you disagree with anything on this page, feel free to mail me. I'm always interested in learning something new! ^_^

Many requirements I list on this page are easily maintained because most pages are automatically generated using my WikiMode.

When my first provider Geocities started adding things to my web-pages, I switched from Geocities to ProHosting. The stuff Geocities added to my files caused my web pages to fail HTML validation. At the same time ProHosting offered no banners. In May 2000, however, they added banners to my pages and corrupted my HTML (eg. the </var> closing tag was replaced with weird cruft). I switched back to Geocities. Readers can get around Geocities banners and popups by disabling java script . . . During that time I decided to keep the following points in mind:

I have started to use the following items with caution:

And I'd like to use the following:

Here are some links to other sites with similar ideas:

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