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That's what happens on the web. The PurposeOfHomepages continues to elude us.

We write stuff. For a ficticious reader. I don't really expect anybody to talk to us about it. I don't. You have been warned. I have given up on you, dear reader. If you do send me some FeedBack, you'll surprise me. I'll be lost for words. Anyway. We HomePage writers spill our heart to you, one amongst the millions of potential readers. To you, beloved reader. Not even our best friends know us as well as you do, now. We might lie to you, of course. But who says that we tell our friends the truth. So it's a question of trust. Do you trust more where you can see a face twitch and nervous fingers scratch?

Anyway, maybe we, maybe I compensate for lack of real people? I try to have many friends, but I don't want to spend too many nights partying. Salsa, for example. Maybe we web surfers, usenet junkies, linux geeks and GPL authors write homepages for each other. To show each other a face. Because once every so often, we click on that infamous homepage link in somebody's signature. Hoping to see a face. Hoping for a little mental monolog to help out where we would have liked a lively dialog. Or maybe not. Maybe we prefer a quiet littel homepage, reading at our leisure, catching a glimpse of OtherPeople.

Maybe we want to assert our geekdom.

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