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In these days, responsibility is usually shared. Teams make decisions. The managers make decisions. And since several people make decisions, nobody is really accountable for mistakes. Sure, every once and again a scapegoat "takes the responsibility" and leaves. Probably settles down in the Bahamas and spends his millions sunbathing and cocktail drinking.

You can use this to your advantage. Never go to meetings alone. The more you are, the easier it is to avoid blame. If you couldn't defend yourself, all of you couldn't. If you missed a deadline, all of you did.

Be aware when others use it. Doctors hide behind current practices. But would they use the treatment on their only son? Politicians and managers have no incentive to make decisions concerning the future, because they will probably no longer be there. And when they aren't there anymore, they don't feel responsible. The team makes decisions that the individual might not want. Stand up! Say so! Point fingers at people and ask them, wether they, personally, here and now, actually think that what they just proposed will help improve the current state of affairs.

David Brin (see TransparentSociety) and Karl Raimund Popper (see OpenSociety) call this Accountability. Enforce Accountability. Don't let the ZeroContent crowd confuse you.

Remember, we have to SaveTheWorld. If we don't, nobody else will.

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