Welcome to my HomePage. These pages are ReadOnly and offer no EyeCandy. That saves me some time. You can always send me FeedBack on stuff you read here. With your permission I might even put your comments onto the pages. You could do that using, too, though -- other people reading this through would see it, then. I dunno wether that is a good idea, though. Maybe a real wiki would be better. Try it now:

If you want to know what is keeping me busy these days, check my online diary: Meatball:AlexSchroeder. Meatball is a wiki that talks about online communities; something I find very fascinating.

If you have come looking for Emacs stuff: I have moved all my Emacs stuff over to the EmacsWiki.

Plans: LearningJapanese

I like to think that I read a lot, and perhaps talking about the books I read tells you something about me. Check the BookList. I also like to write ShortStories, eventhough I don't really write enough. I need more practice.

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