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This page has more ideas on linking for WikiMode.

Inline Images

Define an appropriate rule for `wiki-pub-rules'. Here is an example rule:

    Regexp:      \<Inline:\(\(\sw\|[-_.]\)+\)\.\(png\|jpg\)\>
    Replacement: <a href="pics/\1.\3"><img src="pics/\1.\3" alt="\1.\3"></a>

That would replace



    <a href="pics/somename.png"><img src="pics/somename.png" alt="somename.png"></a>

In effect, it would be replaced with the <img src="..."> tag, marked as a link and using an appropriate alt text, assuming that all pictures reside in the pics subdirectory.

Links to other parts of your own site

The easiest way to do this is using WikiInter? code. Just add virtual hosts to `wiki-inter-links'. Here is the complete list of virtual hosts I'm using:

    Interwiki Host: Main
    URL Fragment:
    Interwiki Host: Code
    URL Fragment:
    Interwiki Host: Dir
    URL Fragment:
    Interwiki Host: Pic
    URL Fragment:


You could have achieved a similar effect using a rule in `wiki-pub-rules'. Such rules would not affect highlighting, however.

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