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That's me. I love getting mail, so send me some FeedBack.


Hier der FeedBack von Arno zu meiner ZuAltFuerRollenSpiele Seite. Es gibt bis jetzt sowohl eine Pro als auch eine Kontra Stimme. Vielleicht besteht ja noch Hoffnung. ^_^


Das beste Buch zum Thema würfelloses Rollenspiel ist sicherlich das Amber Regelwerk. Nicht alles darin ist brauchbar, aber es hat sicher um die 30 Seiten Tips für Spielleiter von würfellosen Rollenspielen mit Superhelden.


This package allows you to check a large XHTML document with lots of local anchor references using TheOneAndOnly editor. All unreferenced anchors and all references point to nonexisting anchors will pointed out to you.


I love ancient history: The Herodot Book, the Thukydides Book, the Anabasis by Xenophon (his Hellenika was very confusing), the War in Gaul by Caesar, the biographies by Plutarch. And plays, too: Antigone by Sophokles. And other things: Memories of Sokrates by Xenophon, the Apology of Sokrates by Platon (his major philosophical works, however, are boring), the letters by Cicero to his brother and his friends. All are a GoodRead.


"Endlich raus!" dachte er sich. Der Atem beruhigte sich etwas und er wischte sich den Schweiss von der Stirn. Das Flackern und Knistern der Magie verlor sich. Die dunkelgraue Tischplatte war bedeckt mit Raureif. Darunter glitzerten ein paar silberne Fäden, ein Spinnennetz. In der Mitte des Tisches liefen die Fäden zusammen, bildeten einen Knoten, wickelten sich um eine Sammlung von zarten Stangen. Ein Beben durchlief das filigrane Gerüst, dann begann es sich zu entfalten. Fühler streckten sich, metallische Segel spannten sich auf, und das ganze Ding öffnete sich, kehrte sein Innerstes nach aussen, blühte auf.


(No summary available.)


A book I enjoy reading is "Geschichte der arabischen Welt" begründet von Ulrich Haarmann, herausgegeben von Heinz Halm, Vierte, überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. ISBN 3-406-47486-1.


Marion Zimmer Bradley impressed me at an early age: I read "The Mists of Avalon" and the Darkover books at the delicate age of 13 years. I remember asking my dad then, wether men actually spent that much time thinking about sex. He said, "Probably." I didn't understand it. It was years ago. :) -- Other than that, let me just say that I seem to be a bigger feminist than my girlfriend, hehe. A very GoodRead.


Eine ernste Geschichte um einen pubertären Jungen und eine scheinbar freizügige junge Frau. Er verdächtigt sie, hinter seinem Erbe her zu sein, sie scheint ihn wirklich zu lieben, verführt ihn auch immer wieder, doch er kann nicht wirklich zu seinen Gefühlen stehen und vermasselt alles.


You can find out more about ascii art on news:alt.ascii-art. In essence, ASCII art tries to create pictures using the ASCII character set. This makes great artwork to put in signatures and the like.


Die ersten Bänder sind spannend: Die kleine Gruppe sucht einen Gegenstand und versucht damit die Welt zu retten. Immer wieder reisen sie durch wunderschöne Hintergründe, treffen auf seltsame Kulturen. Mit der Auflösung am Ende des vierten Bandes sind alle weiteren Bänder allerdings nicht sehr spannend: Nun werden die Vorgeschichten der einzelnen Personen aufgerollt. Wiedereinmal versucht man mit schwachen Verlängerungen Geld zu machen.


Some people abhor features. Perhaps they follow TheTruePath. Other people use TheOneAndOnly editor. Many people write code for Emacs. When I write code for Emacs, sometimes people start suggesting changes. Usually I try to ResistChange. I AvoidFeatures because the features make the code harder to maintain. Harder to improve. It saves me some work. If other people add features, however, I don't usually mind. I don't pay for the cost of maintaining the features directly. I just AvoidFeatures for my own code.


What makes a book a GoodRead? Somehow I seem to react to the concept of Beauty and Pain. There is something delicate and fragile about existence. There is beauty in the passing away of things. There is beauty in the memory of things.


Beleriand MUSH is set in the second age of JRR Tolkien's famous imaginary realm of middle earth. "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Silmarillion" are two of Tolkien's books that made Fantasy a genre in its own right.


<kensanata> Too many bleeding edges will wear you down in the end. :) <johnw> bleed me badly <johnw> let's get 19th century <kensanata> haha -- I left the Windows world because it would crash on me too often. Why should I install bleeding edge software that crashes on me too often? <danl> kensanata: sure why not? :) <johnw> because it's COOL software that crashes on you too often <johnw> that's the entire difference


The BookMetaphor requires a web site to be structured like a book. My old pages are like that: There is a table of contents, the pages are linked, there is a hierarchy of chapters, sections, subsections, there is an index with keywords. All these ideas don't scale well when we're talking about a collaborative web site such as a wiki.


Buying books online when you want a GoodRead is not that easy when you live in Switzerland. The following information is a collection of notes on the various dealers out there. See also BuyingMusicOnline.


Great service. Actual people answering your queries. Users can add comments to the albums. I liked these guys even more when they used only one extra frame for their navigation bar. Now they use two extra frames. Not my idea of WebSiteUsability!


Genauso wie GeorgTrakl hat mich Charles Baudelaire gegen Ende der Mittelschule sehr fasziniert (GoodRead). Ich las "Les Fleurs du Mal" mit Begeisterung. Zweisprachig. Mein Französisch ist nicht gut genug.


Satoshi Urushiharas sehr knapp bekleidete Mädchen sind sehr schön, deswegen haben mir die drei Bänder sehr gefallen. Die Geschichte ist allerdings nicht sehr spannend. Alle drei schwarz-weissen Bänder auf Französisch, zwei Bänder auf Englisch erhältlich (Stand Frühling 1999).


(No summary available.)


Sorry, the rest of this page is in German. If you are interested in English reviews of these comics, send me some FeedBack. I consider Comics to be a GoodRead. Great after work!


Seltsam, wie schlecht man sich erinnern kann. Konzentriert man sich, verbiegt sich alles, verstummen die Stimmen. Lässt man sich ablenken, springt die Szene wieder in Bewegung. Irgendwie verändert, und doch gleich. War es wirklich das?


Mit kreischenden stürzte der Wagen mir entegen. In den Gurten hing der Fahrer mit aufgerissenen Augen. Er schien etwas zu rufen, doch ich hörte ihn nicht hinter der Scheibe. Der Wagen fuhr durch mich hindurch.


This describes a certain way of writing web pages on a wiki. For more discussion on this, see one of the other wikis such as WikiWiki.


Witzige science-fiction Comedy über eine Polizistin, welche ihren Panzer über alles liebt. Die Geschichte ist wirr und nicht spannend; der Humor beschränkt sich auf slap-stick Effekte. Schwarz-weiss.


Elendor MUSH is set in the third age of JRR Tolkien's famous imaginary realm of middle earth. "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Silmarillion" are two of Tolkien's books that made Fantasy a genre in its own right.


The following is an excerpt from a posting in reply to a poor newbie who was overwhelmed by the power of Emacs. Published with permission from the author.


Emacs Lisp, aka as elisp, is the lisp dialect used by Emacs. As most of Emacs is written in elisp, it is essential for hacking Emacs. That is considered a GoodThing, because what worthier cause than to hack TheOneAndOnly editor?


This page lists alternate ways to find Emacs related stuff. Note that Emacs has great self-documenting features. Use them judiciously.


(No summary available.)


This is what happens when a set of rules cause a system to behave in way that is not obvious from the rule set. The interesting thing to me is how this applies to people: Any social interaction happens within a certain rule set.


We are not talking IT here -- we are talking about the big It here: Live, the Universe and Everything! Live in the HereAndNow.


(No summary available.)


If you code lisp for TheOneAndOnly editor, you might have debugging code in your lisp files. The debugging code is commented out, of course. While working on a problem, however, you might want to evaluate such code again and again. You will spend your time uncommenting the region, hitting C-x C-e, and commenting the stuff again when you are done.


Everybody publishes. The dream has come true, to say it and reach further than my voice would ever reach, futher than my feet would ever carry. Write. To capture the imagination of a ten thousand men. With what? Time passes. With what? Groping for the idea. A dark shadow moves in the murky darkness. The black dragon uncoils ever so slowly. What will I write? Think! Deliberately scratch the glyphs into the stone, see the pixel glow faint.


If you want to create your own ColorTheme for TheOneAndOnly editor, you probably start using list-faces-display, first. After determining the faces you want to change, you'll use customize-face to frob the colors. As you continue using Emacs, however, the occasional unknown face will pop up. You would have to call `list-faces-display' again, find the face in the list of faces, remember the name, call `customize-face', etc.


Melancholische Geschichte: Puppenmeister baut wunderschöne, beseelte Puppen. Eines Tages wird seine Werkstatt von einem Mob zerstört. Die letzte und schönste Puppe heisst `Fee'. Nach langen Jahren versucht eine andere Puppe Fee in einem Museum zu sehen und erinnert sich dabei an die letzten Momente im Haus des Puppenmeisters. Bis jetzt ist erst ein Band erschienen. Ich kann das die weiteren Folgen kaum ertwarten.


If you want to send me FeedBack on any of these pages, feel free to mail me. I PreferEmail.


From personal experience, the moments when I feel truly one with the world around me -- to use Herman Hesse's words in "Der Steppenwolf": when I find the golden thread in my life again, it is always surprising. I'll leave the train station and step into the light or into the drizzle, I'll feel the sun on my skin and see the trees and the clouds and the cars, people walking by, *and everything is alright*! Then I walk home, feel the grove of the city beneath my feet, the air in my lungs shared with every living being, the power in my strides. That is what I call "feel-good". Sometimes it lasts for a number of days, sometimes for a few seconds only. It is not ecstatic, I don't feel like I'm high or anything. No, quite the opposite, the mind is clear and the air is fresh.


Start your Emacs session with one of the many FortuneCookies installed on your system. Usually that requires the fortune(6) program.


Sometimes a GoodRead is not enough. You want to be reminded of these things. In order to do this, you can use fortune cookies.


FreeSoftware is also been called OpenSourceSoftware by some. FreeSoftware emphasizes the freedom to share and improve software. Proprietary software and software patents are perceived as hampering progress and making life miserable for programmers and society at large.


FUDGE ist kein traditionelles Regelwerk, FUDGE beschreibt, wie man sich selber ein passendes Regelwerk zurecht legt. FUDGE ist ideal für Spielleiter, welche planen, eigene Regeln zu verwenden.


Ein Frosch bewundert Menschen und verliebt sich in eine Prinzessin, lässt sich verzaubern, wird von einer Magd geküsst, wird Prinz und erfährt von den dunklen Seiten der Menschheit. Im zweiten Band schafft es der Prinz wieder ein Frosch zu werden; hier hätte die Geschichte enden sollen. Leider geht die Geschichte im Band drei ohne wirklich Grund weiter: Die Geschichte wird künstlich gestreckt, die Witze werden schwächer.


Georg Trakl ist ein Dichter, von dem ich in der Mittelschule ein Gedicht gehört hatte. Das Gedicht ist mir geblieben, der Name des Dichters auch.


Good Movies to rent when you're alone and not reading . . . I often prefer a GoodRead, but I got to the cinema once or twice a week, alone or with friends. Obviously you aren't reading this in order to find the best 10 movies of the millennium. Nor are you expecting great reviews on this page. There are many great sites out there, collecting reviews, offering suggestions.


If you read a lot and live in Switzerland, you might be interested in my little guide to BuyingBooksOnline. It's a collection of notes for myself to remind me of what worked and what didn't.


(No summary available.)


Die GrofzgRegeln sind sind Regeln für RollenSpieleOhneWuerfel. Bei dem Entwurf von Grofzg habe ich mich unter anderem von SLUG (SlugRegeln), FUDGE (FudgeRegeln) und Amber (AmberRegeln) inspirieren lassen.


(No summary available.)


Guy Gavriel Kay is a Fantasy author. Often enough his beginnings are slow and seem bland or boring. However, all the books I have read so far built up a great momentum and emotional tension. There is a sadness and pain to the story development in his books that I have never seen in other books. BeautyAndPain. Definitively a GoodRead.


Here and now is where you are. The past is gone. Memories fade. Memories change, evolve. Usually I recall the things I did, the things I said. Deep inside, there is this wrenching sensation. I don't want to remember it. I used to say, "Should I ever meet my past self, I'd hit me." As I sift through the memories, mistakes are accentuated, blunders are emphasized. It brings tears to my eyes. Where did all the good times go?


What is a home page? A misnomer -- this page is not "home". Home is where your heart is. Perhaps. If you have no home, does that mean you have no heart? Maybe not. I travelled a lot. Home is where I can sit and relax on the toilet. Home is where I like to read. Home is where I like to cook. Home is where I spend my nights.


While writing HTML with TheOneAndOnly editor, I sometimes want to cite HTML code on my page. In order to do that, I need to quote the `<', `&', and `>' characters. This is what I use when I don't use WikiMode:


This is a little elisp function to display a table of contents for large HTML files. It's kind of like M-x occur RET </h[1-6]> RET, only nicer. This is for the times I write HTML directly with TheOneAndOnly editor instead of using WikiMode.


A HyperText is a collection of pages. Each page within the collection may link to other pages. There is no intrinsic "next" page, there is no real table of contents with a list of the pages in a hierarchical structure. Ordering pages and imposing a hierarchical structure upon them is part of the BookMetaphor.


nstant Messaging systems such as AIM (see, ICQ (see or Jabber (see make it possible to reach a lot of people online. When I'm online, I can be reached as:


Ich finde inuyasha schon im ersten Band interessant! Aber so richtig interessant finde ich es, wenn Kikyou wieder "aufersteht" und heraus kommt das Inu-Yasha und sie sich liebten und beide hereingelegt worden sind! Leider weis ich nicht im welchem Band das ist, da ich mir ab Band 4 die einzelnen Heftchen gekauft habe. Ich schätze das es im Band 5/6 ist.


Some of the links on these pages point to entries in the jargon file. Such as this one: Jargon:Good-Thing.


Die Geschichte von Kenshin ist die Geschichte eines Samurais im Japan der Jahrhundertwende. Dies finde ich eigentlich eine spannende Ausgangslage. Die ersten Bände sind allerdings sehr einfach: Immer wieder taucht ein super Bösewicht auf und es kommt zu einem Kampf, in dem der nette und leicht feminine Kenshin sein alten Killerinstinkte hervorgräbt.


Wunderschön von Ségur gezeichnete Geschichte. Die ersten beiden Bänder werden von geheimnisvollen Szenen und Anspielungen beherrscht. Es gibt nur wenig Action geladene Momente.


If you follow these simple LayoutRules, your pages will look like good ol' plaintext. There is no MarkupLanguage involved. And yet, they are easily converted to HTML pages (WikiPublishing?).


Yeah, I don't spend enough time on this one. About half an hour a week, max. ^_^


Protest raises awareness of a problem, but it won't solve it. People solve it. When the problem is beyond political control, such as our hapiness, our peace, our community, then we must make the alternative ourselves. Find some friends, get together and enact a social meme: Create a party that invites others to join and to organize more parties. Talk, laugh, listen to music, sing, dance, drink. Enjoy the rituals of the world. Take back the streets by making the streets part of your behaviour.


Die Geschichte ist eine witzige Soap Opera über eine schöne junge Witwe, welche eine Pension (Maison Ikkoku) führt. Diese Witwe wird von einem schönen Tennis Coach und einem tolpatschigen Studenten geliebt, doch sie kann sich zwischen ihnen nicht entscheiden. Anfangs scheint es, dass am Ende eines jeden Bandes der Status Quo wieder hergestellt wird. Mit der Zeit entwickeln sich die Charaktere allerdings doch. Sehr eindrücklich, wenn man nach langer Zeit wieder mal die ersten zwei oder drei Bänder durchliest... Die Serie ist mit Band 14 abgeschlossen.


The interesting part is that authors are required to submit personal stories. True stories. Whatever "true" means in a world of relatively cheap internet service providing and anonymous hosting of web and mail space. Anyway: Personal stories. Something that moved your. Touched you. Changed you.


ed is a line-oriented text editor. It is used to create, display, modify and otherwise manipulate text files. red is a restricted ed: it can only edit files in the current directory and cannot execute shell commands.


Lustige Mantel und Degen Geschichte, in denen ein Wolf und ein Fuchs Edelleute sind, welche hinter einem Schatz hinterher sind. Sehr witzig! Mein Liebling ist der kleine Hase Eusebius. Die besten Szenen zeigen, wie Eusebius klein und unschuldig ist, dann aber doch als Wurfanker oder Steuermann dienen muss (das Steuerrad ist etwa 4x so gross wie er selber).


A MarkupLanguage is used to record layout information within a text: Paragraph boundaries, fonts, titles. Famous examples include HTML and LaTeX. A MarkupLanguage is not allways required, though: Email, articles on USENET and quick notes have no MarkupLanguage. Not everybody wants to learn and use a MarkupLanguage for the simple needs of daily life.


Meatball deals with the substance of about online culture and online communities. That usually means people and communities. Anything involved in building online communities is on topic.


Let us start with ourselves. Why are we interested in religion? (If you, dear reader, are not, you may as well quit reading here, hehe.) At the root of it all, the driving force behind it all, is a fundamental unease. Something is not right. But we can't say it, we lack the words. We can't describe it, we can't ask the right questions, and even when we know the answers, we can find the right words for them. Or put it the other way around: When all your answerable questions have been answered -- a few unanswered questions remain. And nobody was able to understand your question, or give you an answer, or you were unable to understand the answer. That is the unease I am talking about.


(No summary available.)


This is a pretty boring page, isn't it. It could, however, be worse. I could have tried to hide the lack of content with Java applets, animated GIFs and BLINK tags. --Matt Simmons


I use text-mode as my default major mode, therefore all wiki pages are in text mode. In text mode, I want the apostrophe to be considered a word separator.


Skurrile Geschichte um einen naiven König einer Stadt, der von seinem Minister gestürzt wird und in den Kerker muss. In der Zwischenzeit findet die Prinzessin heraus, dass es sich bei dieser Stadt um eine Unterwasser Stadt handelt und flieht an Land. Ungeschickte Polizeibeamte bearbeiten den Fall, seltsame Mutanten drohen der Prinzessin, Alpträume plagen den König, und der Computer, der die Stadt regiert, scheint langsam aber sicher zugrunde zu gehen.


An amazing game, much like TextAdventures, but based on ASCII graphics. I only ever got down to level 10 or whatever it is, where you have the castle, the moat, and all the giants coming for you. It is intensely unfair, but since it is so big and so complex, loosing ain't so bad.


(No summary available.)


That's what happens on the web. The PurposeOfHomepages continues to elude us.


(No summary available.)


In these days, responsibility is usually shared. Teams make decisions. The managers make decisions. And since several people make decisions, nobody is really accountable for mistakes. Sure, every once and again a scapegoat "takes the responsibility" and leaves. Probably settles down in the Bahamas and spends his millions sunbathing and cocktail drinking.


Die Geschichte beginnt mit Gen (gespielt von Alex), der im Zentrum des bekannten Universums, der Stadt Go, dem Wohnsitz des Gottkaisers, zusammen mit seinen beiden Kollegen den Tempel des Azuro besuchen möchte. Die Bevölkerung ist unruhig, da Sonnenkrieger den Gottkaiser in seinem heiligen Elfenbeinturm zu bedrängen scheinen: sie fordern Bannkreise des Ki und andere Wunderdinge.


Am 9. Juni 1999 haben wir den zweiten meisterlosen Spielabend versucht (siehe RollenSpieleOhneMeister). Das ganze Spiel dauerte etwa drei Stunden. Ich hatte mich seit dem letzten Mal etwa eine halbe Stunde Gedanken über meinen Charakter gemacht. Neu spielte diesmal ein vierter Kollege mit: Mircea.


Ever feel depressed thinking about our society? How people seem to make stupid choices or none at all? Especially when the others win the elections, when you read too much news, when some depressing movie? Well, it is time to be grateful, now!


OpenSourceSoftware is something like FreeSoftware, a term coined by people including EricReymond. The term emphasizes the better quality of such software: more people test it, more people find bugs, more people fix it, therefore the software is better.


Orion unterscheidet sich sehr stark von bekannten Werken Masamune Shirows wie Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell oder Dominion. Die Geschichte spielt nicht in einer typischen Zukunft: Die Technik ist mit phantastischer, fernöstlicher Magie vermischt.


David Brin describes his idea of Otherness in a little essay entitled "The New Meme" at the end of his short story collection "Otherness." The idea is picked up again in his book, the TransparentSociety.


Who are the other people on the net? The usenet posters, the HomePage authors, the mailing list lurkers? Where are their faces? Do we miss them? What about the web bunnies, the would-be-designers, the javascript kiddies? Do we miss them? Do we want to read their pages? Maybe, if they are cute bunnies. Who knows. Some people are read, others are not. Do you think you are one of the people with a homepage that gets read? The bitter sweetness of confiding in you, dear reader. Actually, it's a bit disconcerting, isn't it?


Define an appropriate rule for `wiki-pub-rules'. Here is an example rule:


Per Abrahamsen is the author of many GoodThings in the Emacs world, including all the Customize code within Emacs. He is also the author of the EmacsDefense.


Die Geschichte ist vom Disney Film vielleicht bekannt. Die wirkliche Geschichte ist da um einiges trauriger: Die Rückblicke in das echte Leben der Hauptfiguren sind unerträglich hart: Die Mutter ist Alkoholiker, Jack the Ripper bringt die Nutten um, Elend herrscht im Waisenhaus. Ganz anders die Insel von Peter Pan: alle sind fröhlich, farbig und lustig. Hier muss Peter nun über sich selber hinauswachsen und seine kindischen Macken überwinden lernen.


A Play By E-Mail (PBEM) game is played via mail. This usually means that the game itself is a multiplayer, turn-based game. All players send their orders via mail to a host where the mails are collected.


Email is more or less reliable. I can keep them for reference. I can print them. I can search them. I can answer whenever I feel like it.


A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing. --Alan J. Perlis


You can send me OpenPGP encrypted mail according to RFC 2440 using my public key. OpenPGP is implemented by Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).


If you have a purpose in life, good for you. If you need one, make one up. After all, why not give meaning to things while we're at it? If there meaning, there is value, where there is value, there is purpose. Or something like that.


Back to homepages, though. I want to write. Talk. Nobody here to talk. Or worse: The ones that are here keep talking back. So I'm talking to you. Because you're not talking back. Are you? You might. You might send me some mail. FeedBack. But then again, you might not.


Die Geschichte ist eine lustige Komödie über ein paar junge Kinder, welche allesamt gut Kämpfen können und sich bei Wasserkontakt in Mädchen, Ferkel, Pandas, etc. verwandeln. Leider ist die Geschichte endlos und die Kämpfe nicht wirklich spanned. Die Beziehungsverwicklungen fand ich am Anfang sehr gut und die Kämpfe sehr lustig, doch mittlerweilen ist es langweilig geworden (ich besitze etwa 10 Bänder, habe aber bis Band 20 auf französisch gelesen). Ich habe noch nicht herausgefunden, wie die Geschichte endet (ich will auch nicht, dass man es mir sagt! Ab und zu kaufe ich immer noch ein Band). Schwarz-weiss. Je um die zwanzig Bänder auf Französisch und Englisch erschienen, einige Bänder auch auf Deutsch.


There are no RecentChanges for this homegrown non-collaborative wiki. WikiMode doesn't feature anything like it because what I write at home is dumped into HTML files and uploaded as a whole.


A regular expression contains a number of assertions for a certain substring of a text. "Searching for a regular expression" is therefore both more powerfull and more complex than just searching for a certain string. One requires but an exact match, the other requires the testing of a number of assertions.


When you are refactoring your code, trimming it down, removing the cruft and hardening the gleam, you should be proud of the result. I usually am. While I'm trying to get from here to there, a lot of code is rewritten. And when I finally get there, I start to ResistChange.


Schöner Comic, inspiriert vom hinduistischen Götterhimmel. Die Figuren sind alle super androgyn: Lange Haare, wallende Umhänge, weiche Gesichter.


(No summary available.)


EricReymond gave me the idea to write riddles on his HomePage. And I liked the riddle contest between Bilbo and Gollumn in The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (a GoodRead). It seems to be a viking tradition.


This variant of the game is called eRobot because the robots are implemented in EmacsLisp for TheOneAndOnly editor out there -- Emacs. Players compete by writing a defun (called a candidate or am erobot). The last erobot remaining wins the game.


Rollenspiele sind Spiele, bei denen man sich in die Rollen anderer Personen hinein denkt. Eine wirklich gute Einführung bieten die FAQ von news:de.rec.spiele.rpg.misc:


Im Frühling 1999 versuchten wir uns mit RollenSpiele ohne Meister. Nach drei Spielabenden hat sich die Begeisterung allerdings auch schnell gelegt.


Je älter ich wurde, umso mehr wollte ich bei RollenSpielen die Geschichten selber in die Hand nehmen. Ich wollte als Spieler mitbestimmen, wohin sich das Ganze bewegte. Dabei fühlte ich mich durch die Spielregeln eingeschränkt.


I truly believe that we should strive to make this world a better place. Protect the environment. Be nice to other people. Donate money to organizations that promote these things. LookForAlternatives.


This is where good signature go. From time to time I find something on the net that is just too good to be true.


This page is intended as rough guide through this wiki maze. It's my HomePage.


Das sind Regeln für regelloses Rollenspielen: kurz, schmerzlos, lustig. Die besten Regeln für einfaches Spielen.


I should write more. Somehow I feel proud producing things, even if just notes in cyberspace with NoAudience.


(No summary available.)


Wissen sie, warum ein Löwe die Jungen seines Vorgängers tötet? Täte er es nicht, hätte er selber weniger Nachkommen, weil die Löwinen den Nachwuchs des Vorgängers aufziehen. Es ist keine Frage des Wollens. Alle Löwen, die nicht wollten, sind im Laufe der Zeit ausgestorben. Es ist ein stabiles System.


When the StreamOfThought turns into slow garbage nobody understands and undermines the foundation upon which communication and thus our own culture, is such things exist in a global village, are built. The fragmentation of thought on behalf of the author transfers like a little Meme onto the reader. This grand vision of heroic failure is of course still just a plain failure. Of understanding the customer. But who needs WebSiteUsability when there is NoAudience? What is the PurposeOfHomepages, anyway?


Write what thou wilt. Or something. Just write it down. What are you thinking about. Put it on your homepage. If nobody wants to read it, at least they won't tell. What is the PurposeOfHomepages? Nobody knows. Anyway, a stream of thought is nice to write and hard to read.


On this page, I'm trying to compare the German translations I have read. The Virtual Library link above also has a section called "Several Different Translations Compared" where you can see the same thing for English translations.


Text adventures fascinate a lot of the old people out there (me included) that owned personal computers with barely any graphic capabilities. We had games, too. Text adventures. Solve riddles, travel an imaginary world. It's like a MUSH, but you play alone. See also ElendorMush, NetHack.


The Cure is a legendary Goth band I like very much. Their album "Desintegration" continues to be one of the masterpieces of melancholy music. Rich, endless, entrancing, conjuring, dreaming -- I can play it for hours and hours.


I'm trying to learn the game of Go. This page lists some good places to start.


Emacs is FreeSoftware and runs on nearly everything. If you cannot find what you are looking for, check the EmacsResources page.


This is from the etc/JOKES file in the Emacs distribution, with permission from the original author. It's about ed, a simple line-oriented text editor. It is even simpler than vi. It is about as simple as edlin.


ThreadMode happens whenever several people get to edit pages in a wiki: People add their stuff to the existing text, without rewriting the text. Other people add replies, a discussion ensues. In analogy to Usenet, such a discussion is called a thread, and the page is said to be in ThreadMode.


When I play on a MUSH, I use Emacs. Tinytalk was the first program I used, and it worked very well for me. These days I am using the MuClient, however.


David Brin tries to convince us in his book "The Transparent Society," ISBN:0738201448, that a loss of privacy is unavoidable. At the same time, he cautions us against the most obvious defense: Encryption. In a world of masks and shrouds, a world where data can be collected and correlated by illegal and expensive means, privacy will be a priviledge of the powerful. Privacy for the rest of the population will be an illusion. On the other hand, more openness, more criticism, more light in the dark would improve accountability.


Lustige Geschichte von Elfen, Waldvolk, Trollen und Goblins; selbstironisch, interessante Entwicklung der Geschichte im Band 2. Die beiden ersten Bänder sind ganz billig im Splitter Journal erschienen. Der dritte Band erschien bisher nur auf französisch.


A game for fast typers! A game for TheOneAndOnly editor!


Hin und wieder gibt es eine Geschichte, welche etwas vom Samurai Ehrenkodex erzählt, vom Leben der Seetang Farmer, vom Leben der Töpfer, der Fürsten. Diese Abschnitte sind anscheinend auch gut recherchiert, denn Sakai gibt in einem Nachwort zu vielen seiner Comics ein paar Bücher an, aus denen er sich die historischen Fakten geholt hat. Stan Sakai wurde zwar in Kyoto, Japan, geboren, wuchs aber in Hawai auf und lebt nun in Kalifornien.


Hier eine Übersicht der deutschen UsagiYojimbo Bänder zum UsagiYojimboSammeln. Diese Liste lässt sich mit den englischen Bändern vergleichen (UsagiYojimboEnglisch).


Hier eine Übersicht der englischen UsagiYojimbo Bänder zum UsagiYojimboSammeln. Diese Liste lässt sich mit den deutschen Bändern vergleichen (UsagiYojimboDeutsch).


Da mir die Zuordnung von UsagiYojimbo Heften zu Sammelbändern erst im Laufe der Zeit klar geworden ist, hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung: Zuerst erschien Usagi bei Fantagraphics. Dann wechselte Stan Sakai zu Mirage. Diese stellten den Betrieb aber bald ein und Dark Horse übernam die Publikation. Im Moment erscheint Usagi also bei Dark Horse.


Ein Comic über eine ewige Dreiecksbeziehung. Die emotionalen Verwirrungen, die Scheuheit der Hauptpersonen und der Liebesschmerz sind sehr gut dargestellt. Die Geschichte spielt vor allem an der Schule, in den Zimmern der Jugendlichen, und auf den Einkaufsstrassen der Stadt. Vom Szenario also nichts aussergewöhnliches.


Strange people. Bruce Sterling, Science Fiction author, designed a design movement. They call themselves Viridians. Their focus is on Greenhouse Effect related design.


From: Bruce R. Lewis Subject: Re: Why does FSF recommend Scheme? Newsgroups: gnu.misc.discuss Date: 14 Jun 2001 16:25:49 -0400 Organization: MIT Alumni


Usability is the quality allowing other people to quickly "use" a web site. "use" may include ordering stuff, finding information, having a good time while reading things, whatever it is users do on other peoples' website . . .


Several engines are available. Take a look at the list of WikiWiki clones:


The idea of using WikiMode to write my webpages came to me while reading wikis such as WikiWiki and MeatballWiki. Somehow the lack of a MarkupLanguage seemed like a GoodThing. I have since discovered that I don't like DocumentMode for my personal writing. I'm more the StreamOfThought kind of person. Maybe.


(No summary available.)


All the pages in a wiki have a name, the WikiName. Such a name is made of several capitalized words without spaces, JustLikeThis?. This seems to be the most prevalent link pattern. These names are automatically recognized by the WikiEngine and transformed into local hyperlinks -- they link to the page with that name.


Its theme is people, projects, patterns, xtreme programming (XP). If you are interested in online communities, however, you might want to check out the MeatballWiki. I like the Meatball theme much better. ^_^


Todo lists, project plans, deadlines, milestones and all the cruelties of an emotional dryland abound -- the job. My favorite question for old friends, "What do you do besides work? You know, when you get home, what do you do on weekends?" Sometimes the answers are scary. TV. Nothing. Hmmm, dunno, actually. I like to drive my new car around. Uhhh.


Die drei Bände dieser Serie sind in der Reihe Schwermetall Präsentiert in deutsch im Alpha Comic Verlag erschienen: Zeit der Asche, Das Land der Träume und Das Blut der Könige. Auf Französisch gibt es einen wunderschönen Sammelband, den ich mir sofort gekauft hätte, wenn ich nicht schon glücklicher Besitzer der deutschen Ausgabe wäre.


I'm interested in Zen. I am, in fact, interested in religious matters of all kind. I'm just not religious myself. As a sceptic, it is very difficult to "believe" just because other people proclaim their belief. That looks like "proof by induction by counting" to me: There are so many people that believe in it, it must be true.


A Koan is a riddle used in some schools of ZenBuddhism. There is no point in trying to solve it intellectually. If you are enlightened, however, they will usually make perfect sense. The ones that don't make sense usually require some buddhist background or some understanding of ancient monastic traditions, so don't worry if you do not understand. (You need not worry either way -- being enlightened or not, hehe.)


Here is my favorite Zen quote. I heard about it in "Zen-Buddhismus und Psychoanalyse" (engl. Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis) by Erich Fromm, Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, and Richard de Martino. I then searched the net using Google and found the full story.


That is what you call a lot of noise in a medium used for information transport. The noise conveys no information. Examples includes sales material, marketing blurbs, the company's vision and/or mission statement, as well as many speeches by politicians, bosses and other people. Note that transporting ZeroContent actually wastes time and resources better used elsewhere.


RollenSpiele lernte ich im Alter von 14 Jahren kennen. Ich spielte das Schwarze Auge mit meiner Mutter und ein paar Freunden von ihr (!). Später spielte ich erst D&D, dann AD&D, später MERS, Rolemaster und diverse Kreationen von mir und einem anderen Spielleiter aus unserer Gruppe.

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