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TextAdventures are also called interactive fiction.

Text adventures fascinate a lot of the old people out there (me included) that owned personal computers with barely any graphic capabilities. We had games, too. Text adventures. Solve riddles, travel an imaginary world. It's like a MUSH, but you play alone. See also ElendorMush, NetHack.

Ever wanted to write your own? I liked many of the old Infocom games, even though I never solved a single one of them. Not one! These days, anybody can write new text adventures. See and Jargon:Infocom.

Personally, I would like to write games in the old style. But I'd make them easier. Nicer to read, less puzzles.

I imagine writing a text adventure is a lot like MUSH coding. I loved that, back when I coded for the German Imbris MUSH. That must have been somewhere around 1995 or 1996. MUSH coding consists of creating objects, describing them, adding relationships, adding attributes, finally adding listeners for all sorts of events.

We'll see.

If you have easy text adventures written with Inform, I'd love to play and review them.

OK, where's my little notebook, I'll start collecting ideas for my own new text adventure right now. ^_^

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