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 TinyTalk.el aka Tinymud --- a MUSH client for Emacs

When I play on a MUSH, I use Emacs. Tinytalk was the first program I used, and it worked very well for me. These days I am using the MuClient, however.

Tinytalk is obsolete

When I returned to mushing a few years after my first MUSH experience, I was practically unable to find a copy of tinytalk.el on the net. All the ftp sites seemed to be down. I decided I am placing a copy on my web site. I still keep it here for people interested in it. As I said, though, I don't use it anymore.

I haven't modified the package itself, although it could use some renaming and better documentation. There is a bug which will prevent you from reconnecting to a MUSH once you killed the buffers with a previous connection to that MUSH. Therefore: don't do it. Use C-c k instead to kill the connection as well as the buffers.

Installation requires you to put the file in your load-path. In addition to that, add the following lines to your ~/.emacs file (assuming you wanted to play on the ElendorMush):

    (autoload 'add-world "tinytalk" "Define a TinyMUSH." t)
    (add-world "Elendor" "" 1893 "Character" "Password")

Then, connect using M-x tinymud RET. I don't use much more, myself.

If you are not using my AnsiColor package, you'll have to switch ANSI control sequences off: @set me=!ANSI.

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