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Todo lists, project plans, deadlines, milestones and all the cruelties of an emotional dryland abound -- the job. My favorite question for old friends, "What do you do besides work? You know, when you get home, what do you do on weekends?" Sometimes the answers are scary. TV. Nothing. Hmmm, dunno, actually. I like to drive my new car around. Uhhh.

Where is the PurposeInLife? What can you do about it? What can I do about it? Dig in my heart, find the hidden treasure, the vision, the flower, the glory lost? I don't know. Sometimes people lead hollow lives and there will be no vision there. No matter how far they dig. What people need is time. Peace. Wait. Be prepared for what might come. Be open to change. I find it hard to tell people to actually look for change, look for a vision, make a plan. All that does is disturb them, make them uncomfortable. What they need is time, a place to write things down. A time let things settle down. Avoid TV. Avoid getting drunk too often. You know what I mean. It's YourLife. EnjoyIt.

Next step -- how do you figure out what you want? When you finally have all the time in the world, how do you hear yourself thinking? Well, now we're getting to back to wikis, hypertext, ways to keep notes and link ideas. First and foremost, keep from forgetting things.

Start collection your own thoughts. Sieve through them. Reread what you wrote. Write stuff to yourself. Make your future self remember what you just thought. Remember what your past self told you. Connect with yourself through time.

I carry a little notebook around and a pencil. I mix love letters to my girlfriend with poems, lisp source, game ideas, floor maps, geographical maps, mind maps, time tables, rants, and story ideas. Sometimes I read through this stuff. The wiki, this HomePage, my notebook -- they are a means to accompany my own mind, document it, support it, feed it: Learning, structuring, reworking, waiting.

I am spending too much time on MeatballWiki.

See Meatball:OnlineCommunities, Meatball:BarnRaising, Meatball:OnlineDiaries.

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