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Now a few photos , just to proof that we had snow this winter. It came a little late, but it came. The channel near our house was frozen and I tried to skate. I fell twice and the ice was very firm and stiff and it was a rather painful experience. Finally, I decided that this is also an activity I better forget in the future.

443, 444, 445,

I was skiing in Slovenia, just after the Loible Tunnel, right at the border to Austria and twice in Villach on the Dobratsch Mountain, which is a very good area. I can not find the photos any more. In late April I was skiing on Turracher Höhe and I attach 2 photos. A lot of snow has already melted, but still enough to ski. The lake was still frozen.

446, 447,

An excursion to the Casino in Kranska Gora, Slovenia with the Austrian British Society. The financial outcome was zero, I did not win, but also did not loose any money. What for was I gambling then??? Frustrating!! The photos are made during a walk in the near surrounding. You can not gamble all afternoon, one has to relax!

448, 449,

Finally a trip to the Freiberg near the village Zell Pfarre, half an hour by car from Klagenfurt. A wonderful panorama.

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End of May, I spent 3 days in Croatia, at the very South of the Istria peninsular. It is called Premantura and is a Natural Park. A very nice place with beautiful clear water. No sandy beaches, only rocks and stones, but very beautiful.

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