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Tomasino reports: “Trying out the moku-pona feeds feature on ulcer's sdf atom feed:

Fetching ulcer feed...Can't call method "getAttribute" on an undefined value at hometomasino/bin/moku-pona line 284

The feed is here: gopher://

I had to install XML::LibXML to overcome the first error, but I'm still getting this one..

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Hm, I do have a test for Atom feeds.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-12-24 22:07 UTC

This seems to work:

$ moku-pona add "Ulcer Atom"
$ moku-pona update
Fetching Ulcer Atom...updated
$ moku-pona update
Fetching Ulcer Atom...unchanged

When I then look at ~/.moku-pona/updates.txt:

[1] 2018-12-24 Ulcer Atom/

Following the link:

[1] #politics On recent events and warm welcome to russians. % body Rece/
[2] #reply re: tomasino - bug-out bag % body I barely understand your go/
[3] #gopher shodan doodle (didn't know it works now) port:70 !SSH !HTTP/
[4] #gopher #politics The deal with devuan, bitreich and communist clear/
[5] #sci #med #politics So I have very important post (of my observation/
[6] #gopher We had informative conversation around acceptance of "ok" re/
[7] #game #reply I don't know what is mastodon, but I support your initi/
[8] #gopher GOPHER IS INNOVATION LICENSE YOUR GOPHER http://gopherprotoc/
[9] #garden Dog shit howto (important). % body [!I1](phlog/180605_2051/m/
[10] #politics Appeal to Bruce Sterling (I know you read gopher). Good si/

And I was able to follow the first link I tried, too.

So, it seems to work for me?

– Alex Schroeder 2018-12-24 22:23 UTC

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