Bitlbee Mastodon

This plugin allows Bitlbee to communicate with Mastodon instances. Mastodon is a free, open-source, decentralized microblogging network. Bitlbee is an IRC server connecting to various other text messaging services. You run Bitlbee and connect to it using an IRC client, then configure Bitlbee to connect to other services, such as a Mastodon instance where you already have an account. The benefit is that you can now use any IRC client you want to connect to Mastodon.

Build and installation instructions are available from the README in the repository.

The Bitlbee help pages are also available on a separate HELP page.

Starting with 1.4.0-1, this plugin is also available from Debian. Source is on Salsa.

Source Code

How to get a copy of the source code from git:

git clone

You can also browse the code on the web.


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