Comments on info relation instance command fails

You can only get info about accounts bitlbee knows about. Use /names to list the accounts it knows about. This should be all the people you are following, and all the authors of statuses you have seen, I think.

07:19 <kensanata> timeline
tons of output
07:19 <kensanata> info relation hund
07:19 <root> {
07:19 <root>  id: 91749
07:19 <root>  following: no
07:19 <root>  showing_reblogs: no
07:19 <root>  followed_by: no
07:19 <root>  blocking: no
07:19 <root>  blocked_by: no
07:19 <root>  muting: no
07:19 <root>  muting_notifications: no
07:19 <root>  requested: no
07:19 <root>  domain_blocking: no
07:19 <root>  endorsed: no
07:19 <root> }

Now it works. :)

I'd love to fix the documentation or the error report such that this is better explained, however. Do you have a suggestion of what would have helped you make sense of it?

– Alex Schroeder 2019-06-26 05:21 UTC

I'm going to close this issue with "works as as intended" but I'd be happy to make improvements to the documentation explaining the limitations of the command.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-07-01 11:11 UTC

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