Comments on shared map shows all levels at once

When I tried it using an older Firefox (using "Purebrowser" which reports as 52.9.0), it wouldn't work at all because of a Content Security Policy problem. In order to get it to work, I had to change the CSP header for the site. It seems to work for me, now.

  1. Person A loads the map and clicks the Join link
  2. Person B visits the server and licks the WerdnaMap1 link

I was able to do this in two tabs of my browser and the map loads and displays correctly.

Can you try again?

– Alex Schroeder 2018-08-27 10:10 UTC

Thanks, Alex!

Everything seems to be working fine now in Firefox 61.0.2, however the issue I noted originally actually still exists, I just didn't realize it's not really much of an issue.

When I first join the served map, all the levels appear jumbled up together. But as soon as I navigate down a level, they display appropriately, and everything works fine from then on.

"Bad" screenshot:

"Good" screenshot:

Thanks for your time!

– acodispo 2018-09-02 12:54 UTC

Hm. Does the Javascript console report an error? Is the map public so I can try it?

– Alex Schroeder 2018-09-03 11:24 UTC

I was able to reproduce the error and I think I have a fix and installed it. As I was testing it, I ran into a lot more issues with multiple maps going out of sync. Yikes! I think we'll have to collect them one by one in order to improve them.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-10-31 21:32 UTC

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