Edit a status in order to delete and repost

Sometimes a mention needs total removal, particularly when someone who has lost interest in the thread says "you guys plz carry on without mentioning me". How is that possible w/your plugin? I think there could be a keyword to tell the plugin to edit a msg after submission. E.g. yada yada %bitlbee: s/@bob@node//% to tell the plugin to search and replace a string in the final post.

also consider how cool it would be if ppl could edit a posted msg. E.g. "edit 2a s/missspelling/mispelling/" could result in deleting msg 2a and reposting it with the string replacement.

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I think this can be handled by IRC clients. In my case: use the undo command, then up arrow twice to get the status posted, fix typos and post. The edit command you suggested sounds very brittle.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-03-18 13:07 UTC

An IRC client cannot edit what the plugin adds. So to understand my proposal, imagine this post:

"@bob@infosec.exchange @alice@fosstodon.org Yes Alice, I agree. Yada yada.. I know this post totally bores Bob but I have no way to remove him."

Now imagine if that same msg had some code like "%cmd: sed s/@bob@infosec.exchange%", which the plugin would run after the prepending. It would remove bob from the mentions. Deleting and using the up arrow would not work because the plugin would still pre-pend bob.

This sort of thing would bring in great versatility with possibilities you can't imagine.. e.g. someone could have a script that replaces long urls with short urls, for example. Or someone might have a script that checks whether URLs trace to CloudFlare and replaces the URL with a cached version of the page. Maybe a user script could add a content warning whenever the word "Trump" appears. Possibilities for post-processing scripts are endless.

– bojkotiMalbona 2020-03-18 15:32 UTC

Yes, my answer only applies to changes in the text, not to mentions added automatically.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-03-19 10:43 UTC

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