Improving the built-in help system for Bitlbee Mastodon

Feel free to add more "documentation bugs".

The "help mread" is expected to tell users how to read their own timeline, but instead it talks about mode settings.

If I run "timeline infosecexchange_", I expect to see my own timeline but instead I get "You seem to have no lists defined.." I've only managed to be able to see the timeline of other ppl.


Indeed it's useful to have "timeline home". But to be clear, when I said I could not read my own timeline, I meant the timeline other people see when they visit, not the aggregate of those I follow. This is what I thought "help mastodon" was telling me "help mread" would cover.

I just realized that "timeline @bojkotiMalbona" works for this. I was originally attempting to "timeline infosecexchange_" (which is my IRC client's name for myself in the channel of the mastodon acct).

I should perhaps mention another idiosyncracy along those lines. I tried to "follow" and got an error. But that same user just happened to have a local name in IRC b/c someone else boosted them or I did a "context ..." that named them. But when I did a "follow ircname", it worked. I see no reason for the different treatment.

In the case where "follow" fails to find the account, couldn't your plugin internally do whatever is necessary to get that user in the IRC room, and then follow that account by using the IRC name in the room?

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Added a fix for the read documentation:

– Alex Schroeder 2020-02-24 21:43 UTC

It's confusing that the organization of "help mastodon" is on a per-topic basis and not per-command, whilst some topics are in fact named after a command.

At some point I learned that "blist all" can list those I follow. But now when I want to refer back to the docs, I try "help mblist" and nothing. So then I try "help mlist" and get docs on lists within the Mastodon system.

I think there should be a command reference help. E.g. I should be able to type something like "help mcommand blist" and get a blist. And topics should have a different clear navigation; e.g. "help mtopic public" to get general guidance on a topic.

– Anonymous 2020-07-11 14:49 UTC

Sorry, I just realized blist was a bad example because that's part of bitblee not specifically Mastodon.

– Anonymous 2020-07-11 14:51 UTC

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