Stateless Content Warnings

Stateful content warnings make the code rather complicated, so it would be beneficial to replace them with stateless CWs.

This can be done by splitting messages into two parts: the part before a double-sided color code that isn't \\x0399,99 (because this is just the long-form color reset code), and the part after. the part before is the CW, and the part after is the text. there must be no further \\x03 or \\x0f in the text part.

This is the new way of doing CWs on IRC, because I pissed off just the right ppl with my CTCP-S so they finally added CWs to IRC. oh it's also much easier to parse.

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I don't understand the words "stateful" and "stateless" in the context of Mastodon content warnings. I don't understand what double-sided means, and I don't know what colours you are referring to. Can you explain?

– Alex Schroeder 2019-06-26 06:13 UTC

mIRC color codes

"stateful" means you need to send an IRC message to setup a CW, then another IRC message to setup the post content. "stateless" means the CW and post content are one IRC message.

by "double-sided" I meant simply the set of mIRC color codes where the foreground color matches the background color.

– SoniEx2 2019-06-26 11:48 UTC

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