Strange failure to read jynx phlog

$ moku-pona remove jynx
Removed 1 subscription

$ moku-pona add gopher:// jynx
$ moku-pona update

Fetching jynx...unchanged

I've narrowed down the issue to the query_gopher function. The socket connects, but when the selector is sent, nothing comes back in the response and the query is skipped. I've tried port 7070 (which he also uses) to no avail. I verified connecting via netcat that sending the /Phlog selector does return the phlog listing.

I have made a configuration change on my gopherd that has made my local moku-pona work. I think this is fixed, but it should be verified outside my network. – Jynx

I guess we can close this issue? – Alex

Tags: Closed

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