Text Mapper with Steepness > 6

If steepness is high, the algorithm aborts after six attempts. This makes sense, but it would be even nicer if it attempted to find a hex in distance 2!

      # pick some random neighbors based on steepness (allow fractions)
      my $n = int($steepness);
      $n++ if rand() < $steepness - $n;
      for (1 .. $n) {
	# try to find an empty neighbor; abort after six attempts
	for (1 .. 6) {
	  my $i = int(rand(6));
	  my ($x, $y) = neighbor($coordinates, $i);
	  next unless legal($x, $y);
	  my $other = coordinates($x, $y);
	  next if $altitude->{$other};
	  # if we found an empty neighbor, set its altitude
	  $altitude->{$other} = $current_altitude;
	  push(@next, $other);

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