The documentation says changed settings must be saved. True or not?

There's a misstep in "help set hide_favourites", which says users need to "save" after changing a setting. I did not save, and the setting still sticks. So the help is inconsistent with the code.

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I tested it again, this time changing hide_favourites back to FALSE. I quit my IRC client right after doing "account X set hide_favourites false", and rebooted the machine. hide_favourites is still false. So doing a "save" would have been redudant. And thus the help page is misleading because by telling users they need to save, it falsely implies that their setting will not stick otherwise.

It's also worth noting that the wiki also tells users to save =>

– bojkotiMalbona 2020-03-18 15:46 UTC

The wiki page is a copy of the internal help document (possibly outdated), so it's not surprising that the two are the same. The issue remains open. I just want to understand under which circumstances settings are saved and under which circumstances they are not. Perhaps the problem I noticed previously is simply that changes to accounts themselves are only saved explicitly: if you create a new account and login, log out, restart the machine, then the account is perhaps not saved?

– Alex Schroeder 2020-03-19 10:39 UTC

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