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  1. Visibility of messages being replied to should be respected.
  2. Default settings are not available as settings (such as "private by default")

The API says that we need to pass along a visibility parameter. See mastodon_post_status already does the switching for direct messages, but doesn't know about private and unlisted. Thus, instead of accepting a gboolean direct we should change that to a mastodon_visibility_t visibility and do the right thing.

As for the user interface, perhaps it should be a setting so that we can change the default. We need to create that in mastodon_init. The user can set this and when they save, that's their default. And then we use this when posting. This is step 1.

The rest is bonus material: a command to show the current setting without having to switch to &bitlbee and having to type account mastodon set visibility. A command to set this temporarily. Add a second, hidden setting with the current visibility setting, initialize this from the default, and use the hidden setting instead. The benefit is that changing the hidden settting and saving your account info would not overwrite the real default. But all of this is step 2 and requires implementing step 1, first.


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