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Summary: I'm going to close this issue because the limitation seems to depend on the IRC client used.


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> I'm going to close this issue because the limitation seems to depend on the IRC client used.
> -- Alex Schroeder 2019-07-01 11:12 UTC

I'm guessing that if your client allows it, it should still work. I think my client splits messages received into multiple messages and just prints them all, one after the other (even though I sometimes get the feeling that length doesn't get computed correctly). The problem is actually unrelated to the settings of your server. You can still follow people on Pleroma and their messages won't get truncated, for example.

Try timeline one of these days, for example. The output looks as one would expect. :)

23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] [16] Episode 11
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] 
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] Basic terms,
    hopefully in the right order for a newbie to read: I want
    to make sure they understand the difference between player
    and player character because that can help defuse
    difficult situations at the table; experience points,
    level, hit points, saving throw, the usual stuff, nothing
    new; circle is what I’m trying to use instead of spell
    level! We use the word “level” for dungeon level,
    character le
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] spell level. This is
    my attempt to talk about “spells from the first circle”
    instead of “first level spells.” Do you think this is
    going to work? I have my doubts but I’m not yet ready to
    give up. And finally, the two most important terms:
    reaction roll and morale check. Important stuff if you
    don’t want your game to be about combat all the time.
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] I didn’t talk too
    much about it. There’s still time to talk about it when we
    talk about combat rules. But combat is just one of the
    ways to enforce consequences. For me, it is not the core
    experience at the table.
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04]
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04]   2010-01-25 One
    Page Notes: “I looked at old school dungeons, and started
    to like what I saw: a lot less text! At first I thought
    these dungeons were boring hack-n-slay expeditions, but I
    started to realize that this doesn’t have to be true. The
    most important points were the monster reaction table
    where you roll 2d6 and add a Charisma modifier, and morale
    checks where you roll 2d6 at appropriate times to s
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] the enemies retreat
    or flee. That changes many combat situation into social
    situations!” I’m starting to realize the importance of
    reaction rolls and morale checks.  2011-08-10 Darkness
    Beneath: “A few sessions ago, however, the party decided
    to investigate some more and found an entrance to the
    warrens. There, they started talking and got a superb
    reaction roll. In the end, one of the characters did some 
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] paintings for the
    troglodytes. Then they heard about the king’s treasure and
    wanted to see him. They started realizing how big the
    dungeon was with pits, unsafe areas, guards, patrols,
    lizards, toad knights, and more. They spoke with the king
    and promised to take care of the crab-men.” I love these
    surprises!  2014-08-21 No Dice: adding more entries to the
    reaction table, and realizing that in the end, the r
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] roll is the one
    thing you will keep rolling up into high level play
    Riffing on 2d6: Reaction Rolls by Peter Fröhlich compares
    the 2d6 roll to other ways of doing it  Why B/X Is My
    Favorite #10: The Reaction Roll subsytem and Why B/X Is My
    Favorite #16: The BEST morale system EVER!, both by P
    Armstrong, with with the best blog post series on B/X!
    2012-03-20 Not Smart Enough: reaction role and morale
    checks he
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] an impartial referee
    2016-12-22 Mass Combat, Again: morale is important for
    mass combat, too  2017-04-27 Rulings: we talk about many
    things, including appropriate moments to check morale
    Halberds and Helmets: my homebrew rule set with links to
    the PDF files  
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] Tags: RPG Old School
    Halberds and Helmets Podcast
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04] 
23:03 <kensanata__> [2019-01-05 23:36:04]

(This is from 2019-01-05 Episode 11].)

– Alex Schroeder 2019-01-15 22:06 UTC

I'm going to close this issue because the limitation seems to depend on the IRC client used.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-07-01 11:12 UTC

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