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> Fixed in commit [ 33fa489].

This is the current situation...

Strange target

18:09 <somebody> [17:56:04] [06] @kensanata soo. im running
    latest commit now here. im using this alot so i really
    would love to help testing it.
18:09 <kensanata> Excellent.
18:09 *** somebody AWAY Offline
18:09 <somebody> [15] You, direct: @somebody Excellent.

It is strange to see <somebody> at the beginning of the last line. At least the message is shown for the correct target, I guess?

Replies are not threaded

See above. We need to keep the last id for every buddy that sent us a direct message, separate from the last id they sent on a public channel.

Fixed in commit 33fa489.

Direct messages are not interpreted as commands

18:10 <kensanata> reply 15 And here's with a "reply" command.
18:10 <somebody> [17] You, direct: @somebody reply 15
    And here's with a "reply" command.
18:11 <kensanata> Hah, that doesn't work.
18:11 <somebody> [18] You, direct: @somebody Hah, that
    doesn't work.

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