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One of the things that really bothers me about the bitlbee-mastodon plugin is that conversations with multiple participants are tricky. Help says: "The handle of the original author you are replying to will be prepended automatically. It is up to you to mention any of the other people mentioned in the original." The problem is that a. we need to list them and b. we need to use their fully qualified names when they're not on the same instance, and this is usually not visible in the UI. I mean, you can use info <id> or whois <id> to get the accounts, but that's overkill. It would be better to have a separate option to the reply command, i.e. reply all 77 foo or reply all @bar baz.

I tried saving all the mentions in our log, but I think this road leads nowhere. If you are replying to older toots, it won't work. Thus, I think the only solution is to make replies a multi-request thing: for every reply, make a request to get the mentions, then post the real reply.

Actually, this got implemented with a bunch of commits and the help of SoniEx2 starting with Keep mentions in the md->log.

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