Compatible Bookmarks

This is mostly an idea. So like, a lot of other mastodon clients have bookmarks. I don't know how they do it, but, I know a pretty good way to do it.

Mastodon has a DMs feature. The best part is that you can DM nobody as a reply. This is the core idea behind this feature.

When bookmarking something, you copy part of their post into your DM, but strip mentions somehow, and add the parent post's link into it as well. Then send that DM as a rawreply to the post.

When browsing bookmarks, just filter DMs to: replies, no mentions, explicit link to parent post. This is very unlikely to happen in normal use, and is fully compatible with standard mastodon - and can be synced with other mastodon clients! If the original gets deleted (and breaks the reply), you'll still know it was previously bookmarked.

(Generally speaking, this isn't very useful, but may set a standard for bookmark features across mastodon clients.)

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