Include all mentions even if the user has cleared notifications

Currently, archiving --with-mentions only includes the mentions that the user has a notification for. Unfortunately, this means that if the user has ever clicked the "clear notifications" button, then they will not get mentions prior to this point. It seems preferable for users to get all mentions—or at least as many as possible.

It seems that the API lets us get more mentions through the context route (GET /api/v1/statuses/:id/context). This returns a list of ancestors/dependents to the status, which will include whether the returned statuses mention the users. Presumably many of the descendent statuses will mention the users, since they are replies to that user. Using this route, we could gather nearly all mentions of the user—we'd get any mention that is a reply to a post of the user or to which the user replied.

We'd miss any statuses that mention the user but which weren't a reply to the user and to which the user never replied. Thus, this route shouldn't fully replace searching through notifications. But, even as a supplement, it seems that it would be helpful.

This seems especially helpful in combination with the context functionality. Right now, there are many statuses that don't have much context, if they date before a time when the user clicked "clear notifications".

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The problem with this approach is that you're firing off a request for every status. Remember the 300 requests per five minutes rate limit. I don't think this is feasible.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-09-05 06:44 UTC

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