Soweli Lukin had posted that we should try finger I chuckled. talked about bringing finger back.

He wrote:

Finger is a very simple TCP protocol assigned well-known port 79. The gist of it is that you connect to a remote host, send a username followed by CRLF, and the remote host sends you back some information about that user and closes the connection. It's gopher-like in its simplicity.

OK, now I was curious. I thought about it some more. Then...

Whaaaaat! Finger uses exactly the same format as Gopher!

So now... if I hook up my gopher server to port 79... uhhm...

All of this should work:

finger do/

Ahhhh... the Zen of the old Internet! 🙂

Sadly, UTF-8 turns out to be broken.

Again: Ahhhh... the Zen of the old Internet! 😭

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