Soweli Lukin

Gopherspace Impressions

I've returned to gopherspace just recently, so what do I know. My learning curve is steep, but I've brought some enthusiasm and interest and all of my dumb questions.

There are some Creative Commons licensed feeds I don't see in gopherspace yet. I think would be interesting to supply these. To learn how to do this I have been setting up gopher servers and doing a little coding.

This question must have been asked and answered long ago, but I haven't found the discussion yet: is it true there can be only one gophermap file per folder?

I've been mainly using pygopherd server, and as far as I can tell, this is the way it operates.

If it were possible to render additional "map" files within a single directory, it could make things more manageable. I know its a strength of gopher protocol to be able to render files within folders directly. Thats important, but its also another thing. If all files with an extension of, say, .go4 or .gopher were recongized and rendered as gophermap files, it would be possible to provide better linkage (limited as it is) between the gophermap files, as well as additional context around the files where tdesirable.

It could be particularly useful where outside links reside within individual text files. For example, the RSS newsfeed I'm interested in supplying generates about 10 articles daily. Posts might contain graphs or point to other information the reader might want to explore outside of gopherspace. While I'm 100% with not displaying the information, I think linking to it should be an option. With the current state of gopher servers, it appears the only way to include live links would be to create a folder for each article (10 folders per day) each with a unique gophermap file.

As a newcomer, my question is just... why wouldn't we want to be able to render multiple files in a folder as gophermap files, leveraging the best experiences that gopher can provide?


I have to hand it to the Overbite Project. It was through their work that I stumbled into gopherspace after such a long time away. I enjoy catching up on the phlogs I've favorited in DiggyDog. Its a great way to fill time, and much more interesting than my Facebook/Twitter feeds. It made me realize that one of the likey reasons that gopherspace declined from consciousness is simply due to it becoming inaccessible as one brower after another discontinued support. I was able to add gopher back into Firefox, again, thanks to the work of Overbite.

Now with Microsoft throwing in the towel on Edge and joining Chromium project along with Chrome, Opera, Apple and Firefox, control over your web browser is more consolidated than ever. This just makes it ever easier to "disappear" technologies and protocols like gopher and even wml. These are technologies that still have utility and which may be useful to someone, for some reason, if not now then someday, if for no other reason than to give hobbiests and researchers a view into that world.

Gopher will never be welcomed back into the major browsers. It will always been a chromium add-on appendage at best. I think that is ok. What we have here is an opportunity build something new on something old.

I'm glad that its necessary to gain some education to get here, and more education to contribute here. That's all part of the fun.

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