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I couldn't think of a better title than "Gopher 2.0" for what follows. I've been stewing over some thoughts about port 70 and markup languages for a while now.

In particular, my desire to write about this resurged when I read "Gopherspace Impressions" by FallingKnife. 0

 "As a newcomer, my question is just...  why  wouldn't
 we  want  to  be  able  to render multiple files in a
 folder as gophermap files, leveraging the best  expe-
 riences that gopher can provide?"

Or to put it another way: do we need to limit ourselves to plain text (with no links) and Gophermaps (clearly not intended for content)?

Gopher: what I like and don't like

I have a lot of thoughts, but to get started, I'd just like to summarize my own personal Gopher pros and cons.

What I like about Gopher:

Where Gopher falls short:

How to solve?

I find myself in complete agreement with Solderpunk 13 in terms of a desire for something slightly more than Gopher and a (lot) less than the Web.

I also want to mention Auzymoto's extremely interesting post ti- tled "Hypertext In Gopher" which gets my brain going every time I read it. 4

There are at least two distinct issues at play:

  1. Gopher the protocol

  2. Gopher the content

I also have some really "out-there" thoughts about how Gopher- like clients could work. :-)

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