Soweli Lukin

The XMPP server at is up and running!

If you're a member of the zaibatsu or the republic and you'd like an XMPP account, email me via the internal mail at

As I noted in my previous phlog entry, it is a fully featured XMPP server, so you can communicate with anyone with an XMPP/Jabber account. In addition, your XMPP account at will come with an automatically- populated list of other users and a chatroom for sundogs.

You can use the account with any XMPP client. Solderpunk tried logging in from his shell account at the zaibatsu but it used a lot of the system's limited resources, so it would be better if you installed an XMPP client on your machine and used it instead.

If you're wondering about security, you can view the results of the security tests performed on the system [1]. The server requires TLS for the client-to-server connection and makes TLS available for server-to-server connections (well-configured servers will make use of TLS). I've also tested the system with client-to-client omemo encryption and that works, so it's another option. Passwords on the server are hashed.

Hope to see you on XMPP soon!


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